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Baby We Got Boundaries!

Second to last Wednesday in March, we know what it is– let's write it!

Tevin shared with me this week an excerpt from the book he's reading entitled 'Boundaries' by Henry Cloud and John Townsend and it is so simple yet profound I felt inclined to share and elaborate on it a bit. Wait for it.... here it is:

"God is flawless with boundaries."

*drops jaw*

I think we so often are afraid of boundaries because they seem like the furthest thing from being inclusive, helpful, merciful, gracious, kind, etc...I mean the list goes on and on... but when you look at the one who creates all life and recognize that this force has laws that we must obey as well as limitations within the scope of being human... boundaries not only start to feel a bit warmer, they feel like necessities.

*again I know this one as God, and if it is the universe, the elements, Yahweh, Buddha, or whatever other name you give for life force energy, that's your business :) *

let's name a few boundaries God has given us, and I'm still searching to discover and learn more–

1. You get ONE body in this life... that is a boundary. You may exchange parts, internal or external (heart, lungs, skin, eyes etc...) but this house... this house for your life energy that is infinite (because we know the simple law in physics that energy is never created or destroyed, it is simply transferred) is a boundary.

2. I think we have free will as a species, and I also think the consequences for perpetual negativity in thoughts, practices and behaviors are unrest and dis-ease... and I'd consider those boundaries. No I don't think people cause all of their diseases, but diseases and ailments are boundaries, and I think recognizing this along with recognizing that people without diseases or specific health ailments are still experiencing boundaries and limitations within the human experience is important. My boundary may not be yours, but we all have them is the point.

2b: You can get pretty far in life being miserable, living for other people, or harming yourself and/or others... free will, that's your business. Just know, there will come a time when you will hit a limit, whether that be in your physical body, mental state, or the actual laws created by humans, and your life will shift according to said limit being hit. (I'm thinking more on this... I have more to say! Be patient with me please :)

3. Another one about the body... there's this quote that says "If you do not pick a day to rest, your body will pick it for you" BOUNDARY. period.

I think a lot of the boundaries we have are physical and sensory because that is so much of how we experience life... through our bodies and senses. I think we also can play with boundaries right? We can stretch past perceived limits like in dance, singing, art, and play. I think we can push boundaries within medicine, science, and literature... but some things are simply the laws of the universe that you must OBEY.. like needing trees to breathe, or needing water to live, etc.... and those my friends, are boundaries. I think the earth itself also has boundaries, she needs time to replenish herself and her resources, and if not given, she will destruct and wipe us out... that's a damn boundary! And she has even smaller boundaries within this, she must have an ozone layer, she must revolve around the sun, she must be this precise distance from the sun in order to remain stable enough for life... the list frankly goes on and on... then we got human boundaries like time... that's for a whole nother post lol.

Now if the whole damn universe got boundaries for herself and us *I like calling earth she, that's my business* ; what the hell do you look like not having none with your family, loved ones, schedule, work, dietary habits, community, people around you and frankly yourself?

I'll lovingly tell you not what you look like but what you're doing.... harming yourself. Boundaries are not bad. In fact my fav Brené Brown says that whole-hearted people are some of the most boundaried people on the planet. Boundaried people know when to say enough. Boundaries are simply what's okay for you and what's not okay and you get to determine that my love. SO GO FORTH, BE BOUNDARIED, AND MULTIPLY!

I'm working it pretty hard in my life right now, boundaries. Constantly repeating to myself "This is okay, this is not okay. I've had enough... I am enough.. ENOUGH." Sometimes we get there because we have a loving a-ha! moment. Sometimes we get there cuz we so sick and tired of being sick and tired and we know we can't go on this way so it's gotta be enough. Invite BOTH my loves.

Wishing you confidence to carry through and say when enough is enough, only you know. and when you don't the one inside you always does because remember, worthiness has no pre-requisites.

With all of my love...

Until next time,

Jasmin, Mrs. Taylor

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