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Finally, I can– Imagine Me

cue Kirk Franklin– Imagine Me :)

Imagine me, being free, trusting you– totally... finally, I can– imagine me.

that's all i have for you today lovers. mama's on her way to a remote location on an island with no service for five days to heal, process, accept and let go of the last year and a half THROUGH RESTING. I have launched an entire new business, check out the Munching Millennial tab! I have completed my second year of marriage. I have eradicated all toxic relationships. I have learned how to love and like myself, to healthily self sooth, deepen and strengthen the bonds I have, endure loss, be prospered in any season, and to worship in all circumstances.. and finally.. I can... Imagine me, being free, trusting you, totally... finally... I can... imagine me. I look back over the last 400+ days and there were so many times I just didn't know or think I'd make it.. and now I'm here, better, happy, whole, afraid, but very brave and like Brenè says... VERY ALIVE.

Listen to Imagine Me by Kirk Franklin. You deserve, like I deserve this rest. We're all so tired, so remember that.. we're all exhausted and need some extra loving.. start with yourself.

See you with more to write next week.

Until next time,

With all of my love

Jasmin... Mrs. Taylor :)

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