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focus on what you have; not on what you don't, and watch it grow.

that's it. that's the blogpost. the support, the love, the breath, the vision, the time, the now is what you have. watch it grow.

Keep supporting and loving on me if you can by donating to my GoFundme for the last push I need to get to Israel. Hubby and I are $2500 short, and instead we're focusing on what we have, your support, your love, your well wishes. community is what we have. and I'm grateful.

Next week I'll be blogging a day late because it'll be Christmas, and I wanna focus on what I have. Family, love, peace, and life.

With all of my love; Have a Happy Christmas,

im thankful for my fat man *at least that's what I call him :) * Merry Christmas from the Taylors <3

Mrs. Taylor

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