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is U with U, or what?

it's Wednesday, let's write it.

Is you with you or what? *cue U with Me? by Drake*

Today's blog is straight and frankly cut throat. If you're not making time for you, what are you making time for? If you're not committed to YOUR mental, spiritual wellness and well-being what are you committed to? It's that simple. We make time for everything else, mama, daddy, sister, brother, cousin, girlfriend, boyfriend, they, thee, them, work, volunteer projects, ways to build financial legacy, the list goes on and on... but do you know yourself? I mean REALLY know yourself? Do you have self-confidence? Can you assert yourself? DO YOU LIKE YOURSELF? Do you love yourself? Do you know what those look like and what the differences and similarities are?

Can you reel your mind in when it's in the depths? And when you can't alone–Do you know where your help cometh from? Are you inspired by YOUR OWN existence? Do you have enough peace to sleep through the night? Do you have enough peace to make it through the day and feel like you can do this thing here called life? Are you emotionally aware? Are you emotionally intelligent? *Those are not the same, Awareness is knowing that you feel. Intelligence is knowing what you feel, that you can make it through, and how to move through said feeling* Do you pray? I didn't ask your religion or spiritual beliefs, I said DO YOU PRAY? What's the definition of prayer?

Prayer: 1. address a solemn request or expression of thanks to a deity or other object of worship.

2. Prayer is an invocation or act that seeks to activate a rapport with an object of worship through deliberate communication.

Do you open your mouth and make the requests of your heart and soul known? Do you know that your heart and soul matter? Do you know that your heart and soul are worthy simply because they exist? Or are you too focused on making this money, work that 40 hour-a -week job, finish grad school and hit the gym to notice that you don't REALLY treat the core of you like you matter?

Yeah, I'm not on just your porch today, I'm at your doorstep, and I'm on mine. Spirit led me to let you know your spirit matters, TEND TO IT. Be still. Can you sit quietly with your thoughts for 15 minutes? 10 minutes? 5 minutes? What comes up? What doesn't? Can you observe you and feel complete JUST BREATHING? WORK ON IT. We are all works in progress and wellness takes DAILY PRACTICE and cultivating a practice that feeds your spirit is no joke man. "For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against POWERS, against the rulers of darkness of this world, against SPIRITUAL WICKEDNESS IN HIGH PLACES." Eph 6:12.

We be so committed to everything else and you can't tell me the last time you did something JUST FOR YOU AND ONLY YOU that don't have nothing to do with your flesh. That's an issue babe, and also you have the POWER and AUTHORITY to change that.

So do so. you matter. today, everyday, and all the days. read you a book on how to cultivate mindfulness, awareness, stillness in your life. Prayer is simply opening your mouth. When you're alone, sometimes just say Thank You. You feel lost? Ask for guidance, ALOUD. You feeling small, ask for expansion and increase. You want more but it don't seem to be coming? Ask to learn how to be a great steward over what you already HAVE. You unsure of who to trust, ask for discernment. And if you don't really like yourself, or what you do, or who you think you are, ask God to show you YOU through His eyes. I say God because I know that is my life source. Whatever you decide to call life-source energy is your business, again, something to take up with our maker.

Treat yourself like you matter, because you do. You can't give what you don't have. So if you think you giving love, commitment, attention, care, respect, truth, and time to others... whether that be personal or professional relationships, but you ain't giving all that to yourself... you're not. You're looking and working outside yourself, go within. You're worthy, and after you sift through the bullshit, because there will be bullshit lemme tell ya! YOU WILL LEARN TO LOVE AND LIKE WHAT YOU FIND underneath all that, cuz YOU... YOU my friend, are pretty damn great and divine. The same energy that made the moon and the stars, the sun and the seas, the night and the day, took the time to make you.. and that shit is pretty fucking powerful. use your power, for you, and watch your entire life, from the inside out, change.

I love you, and I'm wishing us all well on this journey cuz it's a choice and it ain't no joke. So again I ask... is you with you, or what?

With all of my love,

until next time...

Mrs. Taylor

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