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October, hello.

Happy October babes!

October always proves to be an exciting month.... it initiates the true weather change in fall, the fourth quarter of the year, and of course... HALLOWEEN :) Also, let's not forget Libra and Scorpio share this month.

I'm excited, it's a new beautiful energy, and I welcome you to welcome it. I wanna chat a couple seconds about trusting and believing during this season. Especially this season that seems to breeze by for all of us and we look up and it's the week before the New Year... again. Believe is my word for the month and the monthly quote in my planner says: "You Can Do Anything" I'm challenging myself the next thirty days to have full belief in many new things, starting with that quote. But I'll share a few others with you:

1. Belief in my consistency. I've made some life changes, and will continuously do so as I grow so.. I'm believing in the consistency of change as well a my commitment to choosing and flowing within that change *whoa, what a mouthful Jasmin*

2. Believing that whatever needs to happen within the next three months to gear me up for 2020, Israel, more time in my marriage, the holiday season, everything that the next three months entails is working in divine timing, and that I can be present and ENJOY life as it comes. Being present is what's going to help me live a great future ;) *Sidenote, you see I didn't say take life as it comes, I said enjoy*

3. Believing that my best is enough when I'm making sure it's my best and when something is for me it'll be for ME. true belief in your best means cultivating it. It means getting stronger, it means doing it more consistently, it means finding ways and means to be the best that YOU can be, and giving a damn about what that means. It means doing the thing that you don't always feel like doing, then remembering you deserve to be at and work on your best. (that's in any life category, and not in any particular order: financial, emotional, spiritual, professional, etc.)

4. Believing that my best days are ahead of me. I think when you really take that posture of trust with life, with God... you walk through it different. See I said through? You can get through things. I think knowing your best days are always ahead of you brings such a spirit of life and abundance forth within me and my thoughts. I'm always improving then, and God what does that look like? Sounds like something magnificent I haven't even seen! Something that i will see as I long as I stay in it, and keep fightin' for it. I'm grateful.

Through all these things I'm most grateful for my belief in not only God, but the things God says. "For I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope, and a future" "You are the head and not the tail." "I'll never leave nor forsake you" Thats the biggie. I've always believed IN God, known that God was real, and near. However this new thing, this connection to His Words, hearing God's voice within? This intimate conversation, vulnerability, love relationship with God I got going on? Whole. NEW. Thang babyyyyy!!! Now I read up on what God has said and I receive in a way that is true, and now when I repeat or hear the things taught to me through my families, or at church, or in beautiful hymns, they have different deeper meanings. The things I've heard my mother, my grand-mothers, great aunts, say... scriptures I've heard them quote... it's different, because I'm believing different.

That high belief, is another way of saying Faith, and baby I got some. And here's what nobody ever tells you... you don't need HELLA faith to start out... you only need a little.. and you work that faith, and you upgrade to bigger faith... then you work that faith... and now you got even BIGGER faith, and so on and so forth. So, for the month of October I encourage you to have faith, because that's what belief is baby. Have faith that you can start something and God will bring it to finish, believe that you're enough to reach your goals and dreams, believe that showing up for yourself is important, have faith that a whole breakthrough is coming your way and you just gotta keep doing the work, believe that your life can change in the next 3 months, cuz... it can.

You don't need crazy big belief/faith to get things done. You don't only have to hope for the hugest things you want in your life and hope so hard for the things that sometimes feel the furthest away from where you are. You can believe and have faith for ALL things that you want, ALL things that you need. The word says all you need is the faith of a mustard seed... do you know how small that is?

All you need is genuine faith, genuine belief.. in you. and that doesn't mean that the doubts wont try and attack or as Brene Brown calls them; "the shame gremlins"....or the anxiety gremlins, or the second-guess riff raff, or the uncertainty clan..*lol* won't come for you, you'll just be better equipped because you'll know yourself and what you want in the context of belief.

When you believe, you can manifest. You cannot manifest what you do not believe; and you cannot believe what you do not have faith/hope in or for.

So the month of October babes, What do you need belief for? What do you need? What do you want? I don't know what it is that you need to believe in, yourself, your marriage, your decision to be single, your decision to take a new job, your decision to create a budget, your decision to stop being so frugal to the point where you're missing out on life and letting money control your EVERY move, your decision to quit one that was taking everything you had in the worst way, your decision to make a change, your decision to stay exactly where you are and root yourself even deeper, saying hello or goodbye to people and relationships... the extremes and spectrums are endless my dears.... whatever your choices and life decisions friends.... have true belief in you and it and stand on it.. and trust that in some capacity it'll be working for your good because your best days are where? Ahead of you :) Believe... with everything you got...

I'll be believing and praying for you <3

P.S. More talk about Halloween Costumes later this month!

Happy October Lovers

With all of my love,

Jasmin Taylor

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