History of My Craft

Here I Am

Jasmin Taylor, née Jasmin Williams is a multi-talented anointed storyteller. Jasmin is a native Chicagoan who has trained, worked and lived in Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, Israel and throughout Western Europe. She’s attended Dance Theater of Harlem, Dance Italia and performed Memoria with the renowned Alvin Ailey Company. Summer 2019 she worked with one of the choreographic greats James Alsop as a dancer for the smash-hit series on Netflix entitled 'Soundtrack'. She has had the pleasure of choreographing and dancing for recording, Grammy Award winning artists like Cashmere Cat and Chance the Rapper, and fellow Chicagoan Jamila Woods. In December 2018 Artistically Directed, choreographed and sold out a weekender at Links Hall. A vocalist and orator in her own right, Jasmin has performed and spoken at many Chicago Theaters, venues, and worked with the Lyric Opera of Chicago through Chicago Voices. May 2019 she concluded a a six city tour with SoFar Sounds throughout the US and London. Jasmin released her follow up mixtape entitled 'CV' July 2019. After Covid-19 prematurely forced her to return home from Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company’s Dance Journey, Jasmin refocused her efforts and unleashed the creative genius spirit she has been gifted through song, dance, oration, writing, cooking, etc. All of Jasmin’s work encourages true vulnerability and interdependence; which promote respect, love, and unity within diversity in all communities. Her latest single and mixtape 'Choices' and 'Water' respectively, are available everywhere. Catch Jasmin's weekly uplifting personal talk show 'Meaningful Mondays' via her IGTV, her all things Mrs. Taylor 'Write it Wednesday' blog, and soon come, the latest creative venture and addition to the dynasty that is Jasmin, a cooking show: the Munching Millennial, which drops 5/25/21 via her Youtube, IGTV and Facebook!


Vocal Resume

I be sangin', composing, and writing songs. Here's where :)

Performance Experience

Click the document image to the left to access my full CV that includes singing, songwriting, composition, and more– spanning from 2017-2021.



Dance and Choreography Resume

I be dancing and choreographing too! Here's some of where :)

Performance Experience


Click the document image to the left to access my dance CV within the concert and commercial realms spanning from 2014-2021.