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11/11– Make a wish

Hey babes, today's 11/11! let me start off by saying: Happy Veteran's day to all Veterans and we, I specifically, thank you for your service.

Now with that, let's get into it. It ain't Wednesday but guess what we finna do? Write it.

I honestly today, don't know what to write. There's so much going on in the world, so it isn't that there aren't a slew of topics for me to divulge, however.. I really have been intentional on focusing only on me and areas in which I'm resting in Glory and ones that still need a little growth to rest. It's a challenge, and a change... which typically comes with challenges and frankly it's one that I welcome.

We work.. we labor so hard to get to this place of glory.... the place where we know unconditional love, where we accept and give grace and mercy, where we ask for help, where we see a need and fulfill it (ministry)... we labor and we labor.. well, let me speak for my Self, I have labored and labored. I mean, prayer, getting my spiritual practices in alignment, starting over, divesting from relationships, disconnecting from technology, detaching from former hurts and traumas, connecting and starting my entire Self and life over with God– from the way that I dress and where I go, to how I speak, think, apply myself and discern. And now, honestly as I write this it's more of an open letter to myself than anything specifically for those of your reading, which I guess is every week lol, but nevertheless– I've reached Glory... my Glory. And it's a challenging change to accept and rest in Glory when you're used to strife and struggle... oh but again, it is a a challenging change that I welcome, and that's how I know what God has done for and through me, and how I have a glimpse in to what He's ABOUT to do. chills.

its challenging, some days I have to really focus in and remember, I'm worthy of EVERY. SINGLE. THING I am reaping. Bc I sowed it. I'm reaping the harvest God promised me, took back what the devil stole from me... and I rejoice today, for I shall recover it all. And there are a few things I'm still recovering, but I know it's coming... you see I TRUST it's coming. oooh thas new for Jasmin Dominique! As a sexual abuse survivor and now thriver, as someone who was abandoned and neglected by people. but NEVER BY GOD, to finally recognized that GOD HAS NEVER LEFT OR TAKEN HIS HAND OFF OF ME SO WHY WOULD HE NOW AS I'M THE MOST CONNECTED AND ALIGNED I'VE EVER BEEN IS HUGE.

Things are starting to align for me publicly and tangibly. things that I've felt and known and learned to trust and am still learning to trust everyday... things like the courage, bravery, vulnerability, alignment, STRENGTH, WISDOM, GLORY, CONFIDENCE, TRUST, PATIENCE, WAITING, DISCERNMENT, MIGHT, and frankly most importantly INTIMACY that i've built and received in prayer, stillness and frankly the valley that's been the last two years...I've had all these private victories... and now, God is letting me know He trusts me, because he's starting to give me the desires of my heart, and giving me public, tangible victories. And honestly, it's taking time for my brain to catch up... to catch up to the fact, that I made it out of the valley that was my mind... that I burned the evidence that was evidence of trauma, disgust and strife, and decided to live that evidence of God and his Glory.... that I've decided to live up to my name: Jasmin Dominique, which means Gift from God, of the Lord. And so... with this... i'm genuinely so happy.... and I have and am so much joy because simply put, God is good. So for those of you that may be in hell, and don't know how you're gonna make it or feel like you're never gonna be okay.... thats a lie... keep going... God has you, but only if you decide to let Him, and have yourself by deepening your relationship with your maker.

Announcements on the physical victories coming soon. but frankly, I won't need to announce, at the appointed time- God will reveal me and his works through me to y'all.. until them, Imma keep rising to the challenge of trusting my worth and divine making and timing, because it is my birthright.. .and enjoying what it feels like to accept and rest in that, no matter what, every single day. Praying the same for you as these are tough times, but remember– you're not a tough time.. and if you are, God can change that. Wishing you a carefree leap into Glory like the one you're about to watch Kaptain Harper take. Amen and Ase.

With all of my love, until next time–

It's 11/11 make a wish, make all your wishes and trust me, trust God and trust yourself– they WILL come true.

Mrs. Jasmin Dominique Taylor

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