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27% left, make it count.

November and December are great times to simply start over. Don't think just cuz the year is rounding up that you have no time left, there are 59 days remaining in the year.. that sounds like 59 more opportunities to let God show up, show out and help you make some shit SHAKE! 27% of the year left, don't waste it.

It's not too late to simply release and advance. It isn't too late to begin, and it hasn't been too long to finish. It's also not too late to rest, to wind down, to be still. Holiday season is a time of reflection for us all, as this time just makes us think and consider what's and who is most important to us– make sure you, your needs and a few of your wants are at the top of your list.

I know I am. I'm glad to be here, and I'm starting some new things that I'm beyond ecstatic about, and I do mean beyond. God has so much in the works and I'm choosing to surrender with humor.. to laugh and say "okay, I trust ya!" and mean it. With whatever changes, and excitement comes my way. I'm expecting this to be a magical season where we're going from Glory to Glory baby, it's already begun.. wishing the same for and on you my love.. amen and ase.

with all of my love, until next time

Mrs. Jasmin Dominique Taylor

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