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The year is like... moving so fast. specifically December. Honestly, with all that I have going on I actually don't have time to write much.. so I'll say this:

Remember your power as you power through the last month of the year. Don't give away the things you've worked so hard and smart for throughout the year. Remember that COVID is still real and to take your precautions. Take your time. Remember your boundaries. and in the words of my great fav SJR: "Drink your water, and mind your business"

That's all I got today folks, I'm feeling and doing amazing and honestly, I'm just sitting in and with that. Receiving and Giving it all it has to offer and all I have to give, what a beautiful exchange. the last two write-its

will be deeper as I reflect on the year and prepare to bring all you lovers into the 2022 fold with me, JT!

With all of my love, until next time–

Mrs. Jasmin Dominique Taylor

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