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Mama's Married Now!!

Yo! I am so new to blogging and I'm so excited to have a website. platform where I can authentically ramble and share my experiences. So let's start:

I married the love of my life, and my bestest male friend on the planet Tevin Taylor on the 11th of May 2019 and it's been nothing short of exciting, amazing, blessed, scary, and real! We've officially started the process of changing my name, so that's why some things are Williams and some things are Taylor. By the release of my new EP, my hope is to have everything squared away to Taylor so mama can keep it simple.

So, as a hello and a window into my life outside of my artistic pursuits, travels and life- here are five things I've learned in the last two weeks of being married:

A) Even if you've been living together, handling your finances together and 'living married' BEING married feels so different and it's almost indescribable until you experience. It's a feeling though and also a lifestyle.

B) We are adjusting. It feels good, not all the time. There are still some hurt moments, some deep moments of uncovering and healing family trauma, but the kick is... we KNOW we have each other through our vows our faith and our love, so having a team member is cool... still adjusting to what type of team we wanna be tho!

C) Married sex is better sex... I just had to say it.

D) SO MANY PEOPLE THINK YOU'RE PREGNANT OR TRYING TO BE BECAUSE YOU'RE MARRIED. Learning to properly say no, and no thank you to other people's wishes about babies soon is taxing and very trying on my patience. My husband less so because it seems since he's a man, no one wants to know about when he plans on ejaculating so we can have a baby but everyone is clocking my cycle. I don't like it... but I keep repeating this mantra from Brené Brown that I got when feeling vulnerable : " Don't shrink. Don't puff up. Stand your sacred ground." And it seems to help me relax.

E) My husband and I are having a blessing ceremony in two years when I finish this program in Israel and once we've saved and have some more clear direction about the next phase of our life together. EVERYONE has an opinion. Where it should be. If it should be sooner. What we should serve, the list goes on and on. Feeling confident in our choices and recognizing we're doing what's best for us in terms of finance and timing is best, so coming back to our sacred union has been helpful and making sure WE are on the same page, not us on the same page as everyone else.

All in all, I love being married. I love being referred to as Mrs. Taylor. I considered hyphenating, and then I realized, that was also just another mans name and I decided I prefer to take the man's name that I chose, versus the one handed down to me. Different strokes for different folks.

Alright, that's all the time I have for now. Any of y'all married? Did you hyphenate? What're five things you learned within your first couple-few weeks of being married? :)

Just us, no muss no fuss :)
Mr. and Mrs. Taylor May 11th, 2019.

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