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Are you painting with all the colors of the wind?

Hello lovers,

It's Write It Wednesday :) Let's get right into it <3

Stewardship is defined *by google* as: the job of supervising or taking care of something, such as an organization or property.

Steward is defined *again by google* as: a person employed to manage another's property, especially a large house or estate... synonymous with housekeeper, caretaker or custodian.

I am here today, to ask you something I ask myself daily, and am constantly praying about and for: Are you being a good steward over that which God has provided you with?

Are you taking care of your body? Your mind? Your home? Your relationships? The earth? Your community? Your talents and time? Your money? *Insert overloading sigh and fidgety shift. *

I think this is so important always, but more specifically during a time where we are experiencing so much change and frankly, loss. WHAT DO YOU HAVE? Protect what you have lovers. Love what you have. Put your all into it. I recently installed a ballet barre in my studio apartment, after already having built an entire legitimate home recording studio. I now have THREE studios in one.... this my friends, is an example of stewardship. I am using and taking care of all that I have to the best of the ability, and I am confident that in due time and season, God will increase me– but that is not the motivation behind said caretaking. I'm working to align and allow this to flow in to every single area of my life, and lead by example.

I am being a good steward over my gifts and talents. I no longer smoke, I do not take electronic calls or requests after 10PM or before 9AM, and I am making sure to nourish this beautiful body of mine 3-5 times a day. I also am filling my water bottle 5 times a day. These are just a few of the practices I've incorporated heavily in the NEW year to genuinely show my appreciation and worship for my life... something given to another. That another for me, is God... and though people should never be each other's property, I'm okay with being the property of the creator of life and earth. God's Property so to speak *shout out Kirk Franklin's group, if you haven't heard of them go stream one of my favorite songs by them called Love.*

SO, how am I doing this within my relationships? Tevin's heart, is property of mine now, because he has shared it with me. I am constantly thinking, how am I taking care of this? Showing him love and care, respect but the best form I find is ENGAGEMENT.

How am I doing this with the earth? This is a place we could all stand to be better stewards. I do recycle, but I'd like to aim by the end of the year to begin composting, and to figure out even more ways I can protect this possession God has given us for however long we care for it properly. I belong to the earth, the earth belongs to me. We are one :)

How am I being a good steward of my community? mmmm, Mama has room from growth in this department. I am a part of an online community, the community that is reading this. I love you, and I recognize that engaging with you consistently, earnestly, authentically and lovingly is a form of being a good steward. I could stand to do this more in the physical realm. I aim to begin volunteering my time with Veterans once a month this year. Something I'm a bit nervous to do because... well I actually don't know.. but reminding myself, I have nothing to truly fear other than fear dictating my life :)

All in all, the best song I think displays a willingness to steward over what has been given to them

*as I'm a musician and believe music and lyrics are as transformative as prayer and magic* is Colors of the Wind by Judy Kuhn from Pochahontas.

"Come run the hidden pine trails of the forest Come taste the sun sweet berries of the Earth Come roll in all the riches all around you And for once, never wonder what they're worth

The rainstorm and the river are my brothers The heron and the otter are my friends And we are all connected to each other In a circle, in a hoop that never ends

How high will the sycamore grow If you cut it down, then you'll never know And you'll never hear the wolf cry to the blue corn moon For whether we are white or copper skinned We need to sing with all the voices of the mountains We need to paint with all the colors of the wind"

I think Pochahontas and her people were such great stewards over what they had. Because they chose to honor and engage with each part of their lives, consistently– with respect. Their land, people, the sky, the forest, the animals, even the ones they killed to eat; how can I caretake and respect this life and animal. I think we're so quick to look for increase outside of ourselves and what we have, and I'm learning and beginning to lean into the knowledge and belief that it's quite the opposite. Increase is in you. Increase is in your perspective. Increase is in your care for what you have and the gratitude and form of reverence and adoration for whatever you're caring for.. which is the very definition of worship. YOU are increase, my love.

Don't confuse what I'm saying about worship with idolatry. Nope. I'm simply saying, you invest more into what you've been given, watch it increase... at first within your perspective and then physically because you will be growing it through your care... whether it be your relationships, your plants, your home, your family, your work, or your praise.

I'm working everyday, every moment to honor what God has given me because I am grateful and because I believe I'm enough and in increase. More love, more joy, more whole-heartedness, which brings with it discomfort, fear, and anxiety which as you move through those whole-heartedly brings more love, joy, overcoming, triumph, peace, experience and gratitude. I'm working to not just speak these things, but to live them... and to "mind the gap" between where I am and where I wanna be as Brené Brown says <3

Make sure you're honoring what you've been given. You don't have to believe in the God I do, but I know YOU know, you don't wake yourself up every morning. So whatever you think does, honor them/that by taking care of their beautiful, whole possession–– YOU... in all your glorious forms.

I love you, and I hope you're having the most fantastic Hump Day. History was made today, not just because Biden/Harris were sworn into their duties, but because you are here my love, and this time will never come again. Learn to paint with all the colors of the wind... I know I am :)

With all of my love,

until next time..

Mrs. Taylor

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