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attitude? gratitude.

Wow, another holiday season– let's get into 21 things we're grateful for in the year of Lord 2021 (pause for dramatic effect, lmao)

  1. my health. blessedly, I am the most healthy I've been physically, which is such a blessing because I'm getting older, and because COVID is still very real.

  2. humor. I'm so glad a bish can LAUGH do you hear me? Now, not at the expense of other people's well being or pursuit of happiness like a lot of modern day folks– but yeah, I'm glad that a bish can laugh at just about anything, but chooses to do so in a way that laughter is truly meant for, uplifting, not oppression or bullying.

  3. the ability to read and write. I write this in my gratitude journal often. Don't forget, our ancestors, at least mine– were not afforded that opportunity, and mama can read and write in more than one language. HELLO!

  4. the discipline I've cultivated with my spiritual practices. I now do yin yoga 6 times a week, consistently, and read the word 5 days a week– consistently. I'm grateful for the hunger to know my maker, and consequently myself the best I can, and for the discipline to get up and do it every morning.

  5. Jesus. I mean, anybody else grateful for the Good Lord? no kap, I mean my liege has never taken his hand off of any of us, and wow.... just grateful.

  6. Kaptain Harper Taylor– this fur baby has brought so much joy, gratitude, compassion, and learning into my life, and the life of my marriage... very grateful. Also teaching me wha type of mommy I am at this level, and where I'm strong and would like to grow before hubby and I have a human baby.

  7. Music. It is the oldest form of worship– what an honor to indulge.

  8. My voice. Speaking and Singing. Again, also oldest forms of worship.. what an honor to worship... what an honor to be gifted with pipes of velvet... to be given a universal language that lives in my belly and bones... an honor, truly

  9. Dance. Although my relationship has changed with dance ( I no longer idolize it) I'm so grateful. The word says we serve a jealous God, you may not serve two masters. I've transitioned from looking at the promise (dance and all success within the field) to looking at the one who is faithful and has done the promising (God, seek ye first)

  10. being Black. there's simply nothing better.

  11. sexual healing. As a sexual assault and abuse survivor, mama can truthfully say she is now a thriver. Healthy sex is becoming better and better and more familiar and my base... I use to be hyper-sexual and my needs weren't really on the table during sex.. now.... it's a team sport. amen and ase.

  12. peace, ma nigga. I sleeps WELL do ya hear me? Amen

  13. Boundaries... oh mama's good at saying no thank you, or I'm unwilling to discuss or accept your opinion on this matter... or I'm simply okay not going to the gathering, or making art according to what others think is cool.. or just bending to the culture... it isn't my style and dats okay

  14. Wardrobe. I recently did a closet overhaul and i been BUSSIN fits... and damn, I'm raw. Fashion is so cool to me! So expressive. Also, this counts as a second gratitude fit with 13, because with the boundaries– I don't give a fuck to be posting that I'm fly cuz I know. period

  15. Prayer... because it changes things, and is the most solidified form of communication we have with the unseen, with God. amazing.

  16. food. I love eating. I love cooking. period.

  17. my marriage. wow, one day I'll inform you all of the leaps and bounds this relationship has endured and overcome. for now, just know we SOLID, and this marriage shit is GODLY. Don't let nobody tell you different.

  18. being a woman. I appreciate, respect, and stand in solidarity with those that are non-binary, non-gender conforming, transgender/sexual, pan, bi, LGBTQIA+ and everything in between. For me personally, I am a woman, hear me roar and there's nothing like the divine feminine power that lives and resides within me. I am a woman, and as far as I'm concerned– nothing better baby lol (for me, that is :)

  19. numbers. I've always been into numerology and math, I've always been naturally good at it too– arithmetic especially. I'm constantly seeing repeating numbers or finding patterns within numbers and it feels like a language hiding in plain-sight... like God... not hiding but just waiting to be discovered, desired, or leaned into... and numbers make me feel safe.. always have.

  20. family. that looks different than I imagined but I've widdled it down to this: biological family is just that, and will always be that... so everyone got a family.. period. and chosen family is frankly, more often than not, closer than biological.. and that's really beautiful and okay. Grateful to have all mine, biological and chosen, alive and well. and in the proper positions within my life. amen and ase!

  21. ME. Im grateful for Jasmin Dominique Taylor, because without her, none of this experience is possible baby. and at her core, she is: Gift from God, of the Lord.

wishing you and yours the most blissful, peace–filled, and frankly– forgiving holiday... times are still tough.. so let's all be really patient and compassionate with each other... and watch us thrive and love like never before.

With all of my love,

until next time beautiful people–

Mrs. Jasmin Dominique Taylor

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