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betrayal– I've had enough

it's Wednesday. Let's Write it.

I've finally had enough betrayal... I wrote that song a year ago, but I wasn't ready to let go/ move on from my cling/marriage to fear and despair... to victimizing my Self, to being the martyr of my own life.... and now, not only just do I have the words to say I am done, I have the tone to confirm, to back it up, and that it translating into the action... the actions of going for exactly what I want and not casting a wide net. the action of believing in my Self like no other, regardless of another. the action of saying no to that which does not serve me. the action of realizing when I'm venturing out of risky territory and into reckless, and shifting navigation, immediately. the action of standing my ground, ten toes down in my morality and ingenuity. the actions of allowing my highest vibration to actually resonate within the earth, and reverberate back to me, in waves. the action of applying to that which suits me and is on my level. the action of saying yes to being me. the action of saying no, it does not cost me anything to be me, that is a social/ capitalistic construct. the action of not allowing myself or any one else to add unnecessary pressure to live and be. the action of resting for three whole weeks and not giving a damn what anyone had to say about it. the action of trusting God's plan for my life, that God has a plan for my life, and that it would behoove me to just, follow it. the action of knowing what I know when I know it. the action of being able to say, I don't know. the action of loving, actionably. the action of divesting from people that make me feel uncomfortable being me, and that's anybody ALL members of my family of origin included. the action of attracting what is for me to me because I am living, breathing, being.. me. Action of no longer betraying myself.

In the words of YBT– I am who I wanna be, cuz I am me.

So, here's a reminder.. .to take care of betrayal. stop betraying yourself, in your words, your posture, your actions, your relationships... stop it mama... stop it papa... stop it baby.. .stop it.

Betray: expose (one's country, a group, or a person) to danger by treacherously giving information to an enemy.

Make sure you're not your own enemy. and make sure you're not blessing your enemies and betraying by yourself by kicking it amongst wolves disguised as sheep. Also, be mindful... the enemy is not just some devil with horns and a pitchfork.... the enemy is anything that separates you from yourself, and wants to keep you there... disconnected, fragmented, in pieces.... dis– and mistrusting... and if that's your biological mama, your job, your city, your eating habits, the music you listen to, your friend circle, what you read, the work you do, whatever it is.... let it go.... stop the betrayal... cuz betrayal is a tricky thing.... and you better be careful before she end up in your dreams.... reminding you in a single that'll be on mamas upcoming album... more on that later.

Betrayal, I'm so grateful to say I've finally had enough :)

With all of my love, until next time....

Mrs. Jasmin Dominique Taylor

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