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Don't wait to believe in yourself until everyone else does...

Hey loves. Happy Wednesday!!

I have a piece of a quote from the indomitable Maya Angelou that struck me so deep I had to make it my screensaver, I'll share it with you, mention why it struck me so deep, and I'll let ya go.

"I learned a long time ago the wisest thing I can do is be on my own side..." -Maya Angelou

BE ON YOUR SIDE. Often times we, myself included, are looking to others to be on our side. People we love and that support us to hype us, to see the vision, to want to partake in it, and I think that's amazing. We all need community and where would I be without my tribe and the Lord on my side? However, this struck me because at the end of the day, if no one is on my side but God, I NEED TO BE ON THE TEAM TOO. In the past when things haven't gone my way, or mistakes have been made I've been quick to self-blame and judge... as if I had to reprimand myself and punish myself before any one else got the opportunity cuz I'm so self-aware right? wrong. I've thrown myself under the bus more than anyone else has, mostly cuz it's learned behavior, and the other portion the natural slop of fear we seem to all get as humans. self-awareness is crucial, and so is being kind to yourself and recognizing you're human.

WELP, hold on to your hats folks! Jasmin's on her side more than ever and from now on! AND I'm recognizing all the ways in which I was on my side before and not giving myself credit. So! Brava! Cheers! Here's to me, and being on my side, being proud of me doing my thang, the way I do it, how only I can do it, when I do it, why I do it, building what God has only given me the tools to make, and on 'n' on.

This is a post encouraging you to be on your side, a passing of wisdom from a great. Wisdom, something we all need and seek through knowledge and experience! CLAP FOR YOURSELF. ROOT FOR YOURSELF. BELIEVE IN YOURSELF. START THE WORK YOURSELF. DECIDE THE TIMING YOURSELF. Pour into yourself, and then watch the things you'll be able to give to those around you and what you attract back! Another form of: It starts with YOU. I encourage to look up the full quote, because it's exactly what you need to read.

Well my dears, that's all for now. Kisses during this 'rona season and warmth... stay inside... don't gather over ten! don't hella switch up your quarantine group...keep washing your hands...keep working out...keep getting cute to sit on your couch...keep praying...keep face-timing...keep reading...keep working...keep fightin'.

With all my love,

Mrs. Taylor

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