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Failures and weaknesses? Nah; Opportunities for Growth

That's it. That's the blog post today.

We, in the Taylor residence are renaming and consequently restructuring. Things attack you when you're flourishing... your health, your wealth, your relationships, your marriage, your confidence, your care, your gifts, everything.... existing seems to be some type of spiritual warfare consistently..... and yeah, it's hard as fuck.... and I can honestly say after being quarantined for the last 60 days, that I wouldn't have it any other way. This time is big on letting me know, I can't quit, and that the darkness has never conquered the light, and it never will. These times feel dark, but God!! There's so much light.. I'm healthy, I'm here, and I'm doing what I can, and I'm leaving the rest to God....

Sometimes Tevin and I are arguing and we can't even remember how the discussion started. Sometimes I don't finish the workout I set out to at the beginning of my session. Sometimes I look up and I've only eaten once in the day. Sometimes I look up and I haven't studied the word like I really wanted to or felt like I should've. Sometimes I don't respond in love. Sometimes I'm scrolling and get a little jealous. Sometimes I say the politically incorrect, insensitive thing. Sometimes I eat after 9 PM. Sometimes I cut my husband off when he's speaking. Sometimes I consider being emotionally manipulative cuz, mama can finesse OKAY? *lmao thats not funny, see where I'm going here?* Sometimes I let self sabotage Jasmin have the mic in my head. Sometimes I let her tell me the insidious venom she's spewing about doubt, anxiety, unworthiness and defeat are real. Sometimes I retreat where I know I have all that's needed to prevail, but I simply don't wanna exert the energy bc, fear. Sometimes I listen to respond versus to just listen... the list goes on and on...

EVERY ONE OF THESE IS AN AREA I GET TO EVENTUALLY GROW IN. Each of these is an opportunity for me to become and be better, and that takes time, and I have it... cuz God keeps waking me up everyday. And guess what? For each one of these areas that presents me with the opportunity to grow and be more patient, wise, kind, loving, better.... there are 3 areas attached to it that I've already triumphed in.... because again, the darkness has NEVER conquered the light, and it NEVER EVER WILL.

So, rename and restructure with us friends... now where I feel like I'm failing or fucking up... we're gonna call that an opportunity TO GROW, which is so much kinder, positive and real.. and that's when you start thanking God for those weaknesses, cuz once you know where you're weak, you full around and get strong cuz now you know where and what to work.

We're all a work in progress, and we have to remind ourselves of that. Forgive yourself for being human, and keep fightin' babes... stream it off my tape 'CV' if you need to, cuz we were born to win, so pls, Keep Fightin.

That's all for today babes.

With all of my love and faith, I touch and agree with you digitally that God's strength is made PERFECT in your weaknesses, which are really what? OPPORTUNITIES TO GROW :)

It's okay to know where you weak, and talk about it, cuz you know God is making you strong, one day, one moment, one oopsie, at a time.


Mrs. Taylor

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