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feelings,, remains.

I've missed writing to and with you lovers. Write It Wednesday is back!

an excerpt:

I’m trying not to make it that deep and be grateful

Platonic, familial, and romantic love in spirit realm are the same

And you’re being unfaithful

Trust must’ve been betrayed

And I’m sorry to say, even if in an accidental way

I could’ve come to you personally but there were more things at play

Wanted to be a good friend, back off, let y’all learn your ways

How could you ever think you’re not welcome in my space?

You've helped open my heart in so many ways

Friendship was truly unknown to me till the days

I made you pico de Gallo, rice and wangs

You was my first taste tester homie

And it wasn’t even like that

So why now that you're in love with a Radiant Queen, it's feeling tit for tat?

Guess my feelings are hurt cuz it feels like you don’t think this worth much

Told you at the monuments, I couldn’t stand to be cut

Yeah the discrepancies seem subtle but only if you dont know what

To look for, what’s usual, what we’ve built outside of woo, new money, the homies

Never thought in this relationship I’d feel lonely

Sorry for the miscommunication I’m not fully clear where it went left

But you acting like the keys you have don’t have to be kept

That’s crazy to me cuz never in my life

Have I trusted a man other than Tevin to this depth

To be broke and do dumb shit emotionally, spiritually, physically with, and still grow to wealth

To have our cousin-kids play and eat and watch-over 'em while they slept

Or if I point and scream out “That’s Him” know that that nigga will get slept

For this moment I’ve been afraid and wept

That life would change and you’d have no emotional room left

That I’d be losing a win

And it hurts… a pang…

pain….Upper left chest…

but I digress and care the most about your love and joy

I know you’re a man, but you’ll always be one of my favorite boys

Forever praying and watching you grow into your best

And as you do, I will do the hard thing…

Hope, trust change…and rest.

With all of my love...

Until next time– Mrs. Jasmin Dominique Taylor

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