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for the enjoyment of...

It's Wednesday, let's write it.

I'd like to pose a question, answer it, and then encourage you to do the same. Okay, go:

What do you do simply for the enjoyment of it?

I'll go first.

I binge tv shows for nothing but the pure enjoyment of... It doesn't matter the show, the network. If I'm binging it, it's not cuz someone told me it was good, or it's popular, or I'm jut bored-- I consume tv that moves me, that makes me feel, that reminds me of the human experience.

I drink coffee for the enjoyment of it. Sometimes it gives me that energy boost, but I wonder is it all the years of people telling me that's what it does, because other times, I feel more calm and centered after I drink coffee. I have no regimen on it, I drink it when I feel.. I don't have a conventional coffee maker, I have a French press, and mama typically takes it black with a dash of honey or sugar if available.

Prayer. I pray because I enjoy the easiest form of communication with my God. Sometimes they are prayers where I'm pleading, asking... other times, I'm simply thanking in and awe, sometimes both... either way, I do this not because anyone tells me to, but because I want to, and can't see my life any other way.

Making love. Tevin and I are not ready for a human child currently. So, for now, our love making yields more love, but not in human form. Simply the enjoyment of each others spirits and bodies.

Dressing. I be BUSSING FITS. ALL BECAUSE I'M FLY AND WANNA OUTDO MYSELF. y'all I swear every time I step out, I'm like the paparazzi is gonna have a field day! hahahahaha

Also, let's not discredit the fact that when you look good, you really do feel good. and I'll add one more, when you dress authentic to yourself, you're practicing courage over comfort, however you feel that day, and that's brave and openhearted. Fashion is art. It is also not that deep... as is everything lmao.

Spending money. Okay, I don't know about y'all, but I fucking love spending money. I dont care I dont care I dont care! lol. I enjoy being able to afford things that give me feelings of comfort. I enjoy paying for things I need. I see money as a tool, and I like using tools, especially ones that help me evolve and grow more than myself!

Plays and premiers. Man, I been attending premiers and plays left and right, and I really do feel like that biyotch lol. I feel so fancy and privileged to get to indulge in art in the way that I do, and to be invited to see things early just feels nice.. it just does... I'll be thinking about why and breaking down that later, but for now I'll say it's ego and for now, in this category it's okay. But seeing live art like the Moulin Rouge, plays at Victory Garden's theater, and at the Harris theater... it just... feels good. The only reason I'm going is to enjoy, and that's OUTSIDE the house.. what a treat after the last three years.

Okay, that's a few of mine for now. Lately, I've been working to add to this list. There are so many things we do because we feel we must. And while there are some things where that is the case; make sure you're doing things that make it a joy to simply be human... correction, that REMIND you of the joy it is to be human, at this time, in this climate, with these people, it is truly a pleasure.

I truly, am happy to be here. I also am fortunate enough to be walking directly in my purpose and God's divine time and healing, so I ENJOY my WORK! Next level, we'll get to that another day. For now, if you don't enjoy your work, that's okay. Make sure you enjoy SOMETHING about your day though, your commute, your lunch, your laughs, your mirror flicks, your book, your check, SUM!

Wishing you enjoyment on this rainy Wednesday in Chicago, I love thunderstorms... I hope it comes down hard; I love a refreshing, a clearing if you will.

With all of my love, until next time,

Mrs. Jasmin Dominique Taylor

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