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Hey May!

Hiya babes.

We made it to May :) So, here on cinco de mayo before we all turn to the tacos, tequila and dancing *if you celebrate* let's list five things we're doing this May to maintain our best selves as we head into summer:

  1. We going outside more. I mean this literally– whether it's a nature walk or joy ride on a breezy sunny day like today, or an 81 degree day like Sunday, we're embracing the outdoors because for the last year anything outside your house has been armageddon.

  2. We are saying yes to safe and genuine connection with others. Whether that means being fully vaccinated, staying distanced, not resuming hanging with those that didn't really fuel you pre-COVID, or removing yourself from a relationship that doesn't have the fixin's of love... we only saying yes if it's safe physically and emotionally AND. its genuine.

  3. we moving! Tev and I are currently in the process of moving into our new home... we own it... more on this later.

  4. we're masturbating. yup. i said it. I found out that it's national mental health month, and national masturbation month... I don't think it's a coincidence that that coincide. *lol, say that three times fast* Touch and get to know yourself, intimately, sexually, blissfully and lovingly... because you deserve to experience your own pleasure.. it can get pretty deep, so just as you would with a partner– if you need to, take it slow mama.... you might take you out.. ;)

  5. we going for it. we're taking the leap. we're pressing submit on the application. we're launching the brand, idea, the initiative. we're signing on the dotted line. we're saying okay, i'll try. we're starting anew and failing and getting better with each lesson. we succeeding and killing this shit. that's what we doing.

I hope you doing you baby. We made it to May– don't let it leave you without saying what you gots ta say, okay? okay.

with all of my love,

until next time...

Mrs. Taylor

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