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just start. God is the finisher.

It's Wednesday, let's write it.

Mama's putting one foot in front of the other. There's some big news that goes to press about me this Friday, and I'm excited and grateful and have had the time to process that God has rewarded me according to my righteousness and cleanness of my hands in his sight (that's law... read ya word)

Now, MAMA's WORKING. And I'm looking at God like... how da fuq you want me to finish all of this? How is im supposed to get all this done? Cliff note answer– You're not. I am, silly rabbit. All I need you to do is start... and watch me finish.

So that's what I'm doing. I'm starting proposals, grant applications, funding ideas and opportunities, choreography, songs, plans... I'm just.. starting and setting things in motion.... and my word of the YEAR is Faith... so... 2022..."'God, gone head finish that up for me" is my go to phrase... Uh.. God... could you finish that? Uh God... they said they need this by this date... can you finish that? Uh God... I did my part and filled out this donation request and now I just gotta wait.. guess you're finishing that....

So, as I only have two minutes until my next meeting (lunch, because I haven't ate all day and that ain't cute) I ask you this: What are you tryna get done that you simply need to start, and ask God to finish?

These two sure do know how to start some things, and in terms of finishing? Well, we're just along for the ride. Shout out Mama A, she taught me how to start some things.. and left the finishing to God.. and I'm finally appreciating it... day by

Amen and Ase.... I can't announce all the things I am until Friday, but that's okay– we can chat about it next week.

Until next time, with all of my love– set it in motion, and watch Alpha and Omega, the beginning and THE END (that's law, again, read ya word lmao) finish that up for ya.

Mrs. Jasmin Dominique Taylor

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