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Hey babes,

Long time no talk! Today has officially been one week since I've returned from my month trip to Japan and I'm still processing... and boy boy oh boy was it a life changing experience.

I don't want to attempt to explain my experience in one post, rather than just say hello again and get acquainted with writing my thoughts here, to you all again... it hasn't been long, but I made some really cool and radical mind changes in Japan and I wanna take my time expressing myself because, I'm adjusting! With that said, for the 23 days I spent abroad, here are 23 quick things I've learned, thought about and will probs be writing about in the near future.

1 Japan and it's food, and it's greenery and it's culture and some thoughts I have from it.. I'll unpack that in a later post... I'll say for now with the foodL I dont have the need to eat raw fish... I just don't. Squid is yummy that way to me, but otherwise cook me up.

2. I really enjoy being alone but that doesn't mean I enjoy being isolated.

3. 23 days without my husband sleeping by my side was tough.

4 . I applied to some big thangs and they're mine baby... oh they are mine!

5. I wrote so many new songs in Japan... and writing just really helps me process my thoughts and emotions and feel good. Sitting outside and just journaling there was very very freeing.

6. Traveling will always make me feel closer to God. Seeing places that are o different yet the expression of the same thing, fascinates and galvanizes me. *queue up Strangers like me by Phil Collins*

7. mmm, black peoples definition is clean is different than 99 percent of the worlds definition of clean.

8. I'm an athlete and it's time to get back in prime shape, for myself.... no weight/ numbers involved... I'm talking optimal shape! PS. I really love my booty doe and I know its gonna go down a lil when my lovely legs go down a little in the thigh and I'm like dang..... lol

Selfies in Osaka

9. Consistency is a sign of maturity.

10. As I get older, I'd like to change my wardrobe.

11. Being married has changed my life and it's consistently doing it for the better.

12. It's okay to change for the better (outside of romantic relationship) even if that means reconstructing your entire life.

13. While I appreciate being in the house of the Lord, a podcast sermon right in my car or in my house will serve as church for me, and it'll do me just as fine.

14. I no longer only want to reach out to people who are reaching towards me. I am a person that encourages YOU to reach, because I'M reaching... and that's okay.. I just need to understand and protect my position.

15. Roses are forever my favorite flower, tulips are a close second.

16. Meaningful Monday's on Instagram are totally back. Getcho inspo on!

17. Bed between 10PM-11PM is the wave.

18. Cooking breakfast, making lunch, having accomplished most of my day by 2PM is the shit.

19. I can't wait to be a mommy, but I will wait because I'm clear that'll be the third best thing I do, ever. (After being an instrument for God, a Wife..... next I think will be mommy)

20. My online presence is important, as is my physical presence within a room, and my intellectual/creative presence on a project. I am effective, and I can shift the energy in situations... from the conversation to the vibe of an event/ room.... be confident in this.

21. I don't really like to do a lot of things I see people doing or buy a lot of the shit people like to buy or honestly hang out with a lot of the people most people like to hang out with or listen to what a lot of people like listening to, and that's more than okay.. Unity within diversity is what fosters true community... communities of genuine support.... Are you being a good community member?

22. Tevin put this huge ass rock on my hand. The proposal was a dream, more on that later.

23. It's about time for wedding planning to commence now that I've got the rock and honestly as more time passes, I want the ceremony and reception to be smaller and smaller... 150 people is EASILY possible... but what if we cut that in half? I haven't even proposed this to Tevin yet, but I'm thinking...what if only the people that we're interacting with consistently be present and the rest get to indulge in our photos and lovey posts online? do we need 150 bodies in person? Is that for them or for us? and if it's for them... is that a bad thing? because.. I got married for me... you get married for you... but you throw a wedding... (a ceremony and party to celebrate and bless your union) essentially for others... which then makes it for you because you're doing this thing where you get to allow people to support you and help you and celebrate you and your love and fellowship and you get to laugh with and cry with... and you receive all these well wishes... hmm... Idk, more on that later... Yeah I'm married but I'm planning a wedding so a lot of the traditional stuff still applies and there are so many thoughts... haha, dontcha just love a conventional nonconventional life? God is funny that way

Well, that's all for now off the top of my head. I just wanted to say hi... and tell you I'll be talking more about my trip... my travels... my life... my consistency.... my growth, my faith, weekly. Hope you tune in and enjoy, and engage with me :) I'm about to go shopping for a few unitards then I'm zonking out,

all of my love,

Mrs. Taylor

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