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May, the force be with you...

Hey there! Happy May lovers.

Here we are, and on this Wednesday evening I feel there's so much to discuss, so let's break it up so we have clear guide for where we're going in this post:

1. We're gonna talk about self-waxing, it's changed my life.

2. We're gonna talk about this weird feeling of exhaustion that's been looming since it turned April 30th.....

3. We gone shout out all of our mamas, because their day is approaching and damnit they deserve.

4. We HAVE to mention our nurses because today IS their day and we appreciate them like no other everyday, and even more during this brazy COVID time.

Okay babes, so here goes...

1. I was always a trimmer or shave girl, when it came to my legs, my pits, my belly for what I describe as a feminine happy trail (lmfao), my cootie-cat, I mean all of the above. I always ended up with bumps and in-grown hairs, but I prevailed and exfoliated or just took the loss (ignorance ain't always bliss Jesus Lord lol). Then I upgraded out of my teen years and transitioned to hair removal cremes, and baby this sensitive, melanin saturated, eczema skin WAS BURNING. I BURNED MY COOTIE and I was like wait, I can't live like this, plus the in-grown hairs were still coming through so at this point I'm like.. I just need something different *drake voice* SO I turned to waxing. Now I've gotten waxes before, but never been consistent. I'd get one or two then return to my original habits because case in point that shit hurt, period. Doesn't matter how often you do it, doesn't matter if your wax lady is gentle af, don't matter if you have 4C puss hair or the various other hair textures that exist, ripping hair out of your body with a hot wax whether it be sugar based or a wax isn't one's definition of comfortable, period. However, as a full time professional dancer I'm like, somethings gotta give man. Before moving to Israel I was like, I'm a wax shorty. I'm finna commit. I'm finna train my body hairs, and I'm gonna stick with this because the results are best for me. Less In grown hairs, and if they occur the extraction process is simpler and less painful, the grow back time is slower, and your hair definition changes... plus I'm in a place in my life where I finally understand the weight of consistency and how it contributes to your maturity and follow through. So, you're supposed to wax every 4-6 weeks depending on your hair growth.. the baseline is that your hair should be at least an inch long.

I got a wax in January, prepared to get one in Israel after researching for 6 weeks. Welp, Corona hit and I only got to spend six weeks there. So, I came home, and went to my wax lady THE DAY quarantine hit, because I was like, I can't go back to trimmers and shit.. I HAVE TO UPKEEP THE WAXING LORD! So fast forward and we're still in quarantine corona times... and blessedly, but also not so conveniently this body hair was growing. I said to myself: "Self *Kevin Hart Voice* We aren't going back. You gotta wax, and the only way to do it, is to do it yourself. You already doing shit that was unexpected and making shit shake, might as well add this to the list" So... I did. Now, I had heard of self-waxing.. hella girls from Europe in the program in Israel were self waxers and I looked at them like they were Michael Myers lmao.

Anywho, I found a beauty blog and looked at all the top waxes for self waxers and beginners, ones that were reputable not only because a lot people used them but because they were good companies... companies that had wax that worked for different types of hair, were affordable but not so cheap that my skin would fall off, and that you could use without a microwave because we don't use those at home over here! Guess what I found? Parissa Wax. AMAZING. I'm tryna be on they box y'all. I bought their wax, which comes with the spatulas and wax strips and instructions for beginners. Then I bought their warmer for their wax.. I think I spent maybe $40.... y'all AND THEY VEGAN/ CRUELTY FREE. THIS WAX AMAZING... skin is feeling great after, nothing crazy, no crazy in grown hairs... and honestly, I recognized waxing myself, is less painful than going to a person. Now to be honest, my husbae did most of the work, and the reason why is for another day damnit because I DESERVE; but our touch, our timing, was so much better than any other wax experience I've ever had. So.... I say all this to say, 6 weeks ago, you couldn't have told me I'd never be going to a wax lady ever again, or transitioning to waxing ALL body parts, but..... I am... and I have made the transition and I'm telling you, for timing, for leisure, control, personal taste and touch... I think you should make the transition too. Give it a try, and lemme know how it goes because, I feel like Jasmin in Aladdin, a whole new damn world.

2. I've been exhausted since last week. Every damn day. I've also been getting lots done. Some things I'm ready to share, like how I'm on week four a specific lifestyle adjustment to working out and getting my body to a certain point, I'm 95% percent done writing my big tape, and 100% done writing the small one I've decided to give... and other things I'm not ready to share that are huge and are examples of Gods Grace, my resilience and just, life. But since April 30th baby? MAMAS NEEDED A NAP DAMN NEAR EVERYDAY. I mean it don't matter if we only do one thing that day, my emotional, mental energy just feels drained. Thinking about another 4 weeks in the crib before we start to learn just how much this is going to effect the rest of our year and change the course of history even further, exhausts me. I've been praying and just releasing that to God. My anxiety been tryna flair because I'm doing new things and stepping out on some big faith, and I.. in the words of Sarah Jakes-Roberts "Refuse to Lose." This is just a check- in to let you know, if you're tired as shit because in a span of one week we went from going into May and then it being Mothers Day and the second week of the last month of spring.... I'm with you, I see you, I feel you and do not lose hope or heart. Take it one day at a time.. my cousin told me the other day the days you feel hella low are the price you pay for your purpose and I believe it. So, take that shit to the chin, like a G, and keep it praise in prayer, and I'll be touching and agreeing with you in all ways I can.

3. Mamas. Imma keep it short and sweet because it's that real. Where would we be without you? Not here, literally. To all mothers, biological, adoptive, in spirit, present in the physical realm, only accessible through the spirit realm, working, in school, stay at home, married, single, straight, gay, non-binary, tall, short, skinny, fat, any hue- WE SALUTE, LOVE AND HONOR YOU. THANK YOU, and Happy Early Mothers Day Chica, you doing the DAMN THANG, and YOU STILL GOT IT, and we get this shit from you. Period.

4. To Round it up I have to thank our nurses, because not only is it nurses week it's nurses day. WE thank you for your bedside manner, for coming in when you don't feel like it, for your compassion, for your commitment to helping others, for your selflessness, your knowledge and much more. Shoutout to my favorite nurse Rielle Walker, you inspire me friend, and the anointing in your field is OOZING off of you and it's a pleasure to be in the realm dear.

Okay, that's all mama has for now. I love you all, and I hope you're well. Stay up, stay good, stay safe and stay loved. It's the 5th month of 2020... May, the force be with you.

With all of my love,

Mrs. Taylor

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