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Ni Ojuelegba...


Morning babes, today's a super free write so I may jump around a bit in my thoughts, welcome.

As I write this I'm listening to one of my favorite songs to not only get lit to but to worship to. Shout out Wizkid for Ojuelegba and shout out shoutout to Jody for putting me on because, I pray to this song and that's such a special gift to have given me.

A critical line "I am feeling good tonight. This thing got me thanking God for life, I can't explain it."

That's exactly how I'd describe my life right now. I'm moving to Israel in two months. And a week before that, some other interesting world travel will be taking place (more on that at a later date)

I'm performing two shows in NYC next week.

I'm closing out my year with a recorded SoFarSounds gig in Chicago, on the 27th. Super special.

The Netflix original I had the pleasure of dancing in comes out December 18th. #Soundtrack #shamelessplug #shoutoutJamesAlsop #theoneandonly

Ojuelegba means a couple of things according to my research.... it's a suburb in Lagos, where Wizkid is from, that's poor and is a place many travel through to get to a more wealthy place that is called Victoria Island... where he NOW resides.

It also literally translates to "Eyes of Elegba" and Elegba is an African Deity. He controls mans fate, and is a guardian, communicator and protector between the human and divine realms.... and incomes the "I can't explain....I cant explain it"

God comes in many forms, although I know there's one God. My life experiences, where I've come from, what I've been through..... and the fact that I'm moving to another country, happily, hopefully and whole-fully married, no babies (yet), with my mind, body, and spirit not only in tact but thriving, and healthy? I CAN'T EXPLAIN IT, THIS THANG GOT ME THANKING GOD FOR LIFE.

I guess what I'm trying to say is.. I'm just so damn blessed and... since it's December now.... the next chapter of my life is coming together ever so clearly and I find myself repeating and singing "I.... I can't explain it.... I just... am grateful... this thang... this life... got me thanking God... I am feeling good tonight... Pray for a blessing......" and I've been blessed, I'm looking back on this year... on my childhood, on my pain and hurt and all my joys and.... I'm blessed....

Listen to the song, you'll instantly feel, blessed. And it's because you are. I heard something that I'll never forget whilst listening to a sermon I love: "Since you are blessed YOU CANNOT BE and ARE NOT CURSED." don't speak curses over your life, speak generational wealth and blessings over your life, realize you have those within even if no one else knows or acts like it and manifest more my loves.

Some things are really coming into perspective in terms of the fact that in 2 months literally I will be in the promised land.... in the world.. the land promised to the oppressed... recognized as such by many religions of the world, a place so rich in natural resource, and the place where Jesus was born and taught, and lived and loved... cities whose secrets are laid bare for me to explore because their history and authenticity has been preserved.. all because I am called.... and I'm in awe.

Things coming into perspective: I wont be here for Geezy's 25th birthday, or my husband Tevin's.... or Donta's... and I know for some that's not a big deal, but where I'm from, we don't all make it 25; let alone with no record, no babies/baby mamas, no critical health issues, jobs, cars, faith, hope, laughter and joy... and I'd love to be here for the celebrations...

I wont be here for my first married valentines day, I won't be here for my first year anniversary of being married, I won't be here for my husbands year anniversary on the new job that he loves, I won't be here for Easter, I won't be here for Allstar weekend 2020 (city just simply gone be lit lmao) I won't be here for audition season in Chicago, I won't be in the country when my wedding invitations go out....

However, i'm not supposed to be... what I'm called to do in life, give in life, requires more of me than that of those whose calling is different. in the words of Drake "hate to leave the city but I gotta do the overtime. gone all the time, even the important times.." that's alright though, cuz I'm definitely coming back on my WORST BEHAVIOR, REMEMBER?!! MOTHERSUCKERS!!

I am. It's time. IT IS MY TIME TO SHINE. It's my time to be great. It's my time to be selfish. It's my time to offer God not only full surrender of my mind and body but of my TIME. It's time for me to transition into the butterfly I am.

It's time for Jasmin to fully bloom.

"this thing got me thanking God for life, I can't explain it" All glory to the most high, for nothing is for nought and nothing happens without you, God.

When you pray for a blessing, know you'll get it.. and the only way you'll be able to explain it is God because otherwise in the words of Wizkid, "I can't explain.."

With all of my love,

Mrs. Jasmin Dominique Taylor

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