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Oops, I'm sorry.

Hey lovers.

Mamas keepin' it under a minute tonight because I'm being brave and about to go be social at a mixer and I'll blog myself out of it for fear of connecting with people that may be shitty so......onward and upward:

IF YOU DO SOME SHIT THAT'S WRONG, EVEN IF IT'S WRONG AND AN ACCIDENT, APOLOGIZE FOR THAT SHIT AND TAKE RESPONSIBILITY. After that, you can have your internal thoughts about how context could've provided a different response or reaction, or how you thought this or that was appropriate, or how it was just a joke, or how you may have actually been right but said it wrong or whatever... the possibilities are endless...

Regardless, when you're wrong (as in you've hurt someone, or yourself, or made a transgression) intentionally, or unintentionally *yeah that happens too folks, still gotta be grown and bite the bullet* say you're fucking sorry.

I had an experience last week that I misread and honestly I was just in the wrong even though there was no malice in my heart. Now from this experience I have to deal with the consequences.... the consequence of not being forgiven by the other person, the consequence of feeling shitty although I wasn't trying to be...and that's okay. I had to say my bad though, cuz it really was my bad... and I'm a good person, I just did a not so great thing.

Have the courage to apologize loves. have the courage to say "oops, I got it wrong" even though you didn't mean to. be accountable....and then keep it the fuck moving.

We're all learning.


With all of my love,

Mrs. Taylor

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