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Open your eyes my love...

Hey babes. Happy Black History month and happy February!

Write it Wednesday is short and sweet today because that's how mama is feeling.

Are you treating people the best you can? We are all in this global pandemic together, and frankly it's stressing and overwhelming us all in some area of our lives to some degree.

Few ways that I've been engaging with my current small community and the greater community...

I smile and make eye contact as much as I can when walking past people now. In a time where we're all on eggshells, afraid to walk past people that aren't wearing a mask, can't shake hands, can't hug or sit close... what are the small ways in which you're engaging with your community?

Not only as a means to spread joy, but to get some!! I smile, and every time it touches my eyes, because I'm saying, we made it another day.

Also, I speak to strangers in passing now. I see them shoveling themselves out of a ditch, or slip. or if it's windy as fuck and I see their hands in their pockets and face down, and we catch each others eyes, I say... 2021 man! or... we're still here.... because we're all legit doing our best man! I speak directly to people experiencing homelessness.

Same with service people and men... like the people who run the drive through line at our favorite go-to spots, or the people that check us in at the gym... I'm learning their names. So I can thank them and ask them genuinely how their day was... you never know how long a compliment, eye contact, a genuine small, or just treating ALL people like they matter, goes.

So, do your best. Treat people with respect and care, and maybe go and do a little extra cuz the times themselves are hard right now, and the only way we're gonna make it through is legit together, no matter what the government is or is not doing, or what is or isn't open.

We need each other, and we're all in this together. Black history month is an especially good month to start doing this, because black people know what it's like to be treated like we don't matter, or aren't worthy of anything 'till this day... it's embedded in WORLD, yes WORLD culture.... let's dismantle that one day at a time, one person at a time.. we all matter and no one is alone in need.

Let's act like it. Open your eyes my love, see me, and let us see you... we're all worthy.

Until next time....

With all of my love,

Mrs. Taylor <3

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