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Prepare for Landing.

hey cuties, let's get into it.

Today, I'm straight up passing along a word I heard this week that blessed me so who am I to not keep the blessings going? I listened to a message by my favorite Pastor Touré Roberts at the Potters House One LA entitled: 'You're closer than you think' and I gotta pass some gems on.

He used this analogy: God is flying a plane right– filled with all your blessings and miracles attached to your highest self...your destiny, if you will.Right now, God is ready to land the plane on your landing strip.. you're the landing strip.... but if you're landing strip is not clear, God cannot land the plane... and when a pilot has arrived at the airport and the landing strip is not clear what does he do? Circle back. Touré mentioned that God has been circling a lot of us for a minute, waiting on us to clear our landing strips.. and that resonated with me. Is your landing strip clear Jasmin? What's in God's way? Am I in God's way? How do I clear it? How do I make room for this plane? PT (Pastor Touré) dropped four gems on how to clear your landing strip, so you can make room for God to land the plane that will take your life to the next level. Here they go:

  1. Release irrelevant questions. A lot of us have too many damn questions on the runway. How's this gonna happen? Does this matter? Who is gonna? Where am I gonna...? Is this right for me? If I was really called to do this then why does it look like...? PT says, every minute you spend questioning, God is circling again. TRUST GOD. God not finna land when you're not even confident He da pilot, cut that out.

  2. Restore your awe and wonder. I been journaling and praying on this recently, God keep me in awe of your works, of another 24 to live, etc. What are you so familiar with and comfortable with that you no longer honor its wonders and admire it? whether that be nature, your nigga, or get this... your own self and gifts.. Jesus lord be a fire.

  3. Never lack honor. Everything God creates has a reward within it (I like dat perspective). If someone honors you properly your best will come out. Honor means: high respect, great esteem. What must you honor? Who must you honor? What must you denounce?

  4. Create and live in an atmosphere of faith. This one was my favorite, because he literally says: "Some of your landing strips are too small for the miracle plane God is trying to land in your life" CLEAR OUT THE DEBRIS OF DOUBT. All you need is a mustard seed, but baby.. if God been watering that, grow your faith please. keep up lol.

Those are the gems. He speaks a lot about honor in this message because he's talking about how Jesus was not honored at HIS HOME and the people (his homies, his friends, his family) missed their blessing and healing because they asked irrelevant questions, lost their wonder cuz Jesus was just "normal ol' Mary's son Jesus" to them, a carpenter.... because they did not honor the King of Kings, and their faith was simply too small to see that the blessing and healing they needed was directly in front of them. He speaks out of Mark 6: 1-6. I would suggest listening to the Potters House at One Church LA via youtube or podcasts! Wisdom is an understatement.

I mean, to hear that Jesus was dishonored only on his home turf was comforting to me. Sometimes it hurts when our families of origin, our homes don't root the loudest, or believe... when they don't honor who we are and our gifts to share... but if they did it to Jesus, and He kept on healing and ministering and doing His thang, they'll do it to me and I'll keep on keeping on. Clear the debris. My prayer these days is LAND THE PLANE FATHER. MAKE ROOM. I realized that I've cleared my debris and I was the one on the landing strip waving the plane down..... that's me being in God's way. CLEAR THE LANDING STRIP. SO GOD CAN LAND THE PLANE.

I'm hoping you get cleared out, and that God lays a blessing... lands a plane, rather, that goes beyond what you could ever imagine. I'm moving into a place we OWN this weekend. God is good y'all. Trust.

Prepare for landing.

With all of my love,

Until next time..

Mrs. Taylor

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