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Rain rain go away, turning on my savage today...

Cue Savage Remix by Meg and Bey.

I had this entire blog post planned about Parissa wax and how at home waxing is the vibe and the move after my life changing experience with it yesterday, and we will get to that next week, but today... is weird and I felt the need to address it.

Dude, we been home 6 weeks. And on top of that, the last week has rained consistently in Chicago! So, this post is about TURNING YOUR SAVAGE ON DURING THE STORM(S)! Shout out Bey and Meg, these 'Okay' adlibs are so fucking cute!

"Focus your eyes on what is unseen for what is unseen is eternal, what is seen is temporary" So, again... week 6, with the rain, with the working remotely, with the not being able to engage physically and somewhat socially with friends and family, with the uncertainty of resuming concerts, weddings, and parties, TURN YOUR SAVAGE ON and make sure you're SEEING AND FEELING YOURSELF ON DA INSIDE!

Some days, that means being moody, and feeling blah. Some days that's doing something creative and new. Don't forget that although this period is amazing and ideal for resting, it's also a great time to start something new, be bad at it and then get good at it, or realize you've been great at something all along. Step outside of your comfort zone, at home. I heard something last week I'll leave you with:

"There's a difference between losing your passion outlet and your passion." - Sarah Jakes-Roberts

A lot of us have either lost or had to shift our outlets for our passions, thoughts, callings, etc because of 'Rona and that's a lot and an adjustment for sure.. however, don't assume that automatically means your drive for whatever you were putting your passion into has to disintegrate as well, find new ways to keep that same energy but focus it into a new place, whether that's in movement or stillness.

You still have you during this pandemic, and that my loves is batting a thousand.

With all of my love, and the amazingness of SELF WAXING which I'd never thought I'd do, EVER next week,

Mrs. Taylor

Alexa, play Savage the Remix by MegTheeStallion Ft. Beyonce, or ICE COLD by KCAMP, dealers choice.

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