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risk. rest. repeat.

hey babies, mama's gotta write quick cuz she's got some deadlines to make and Monday she turns 26 so she'll be taking the entire week off. the entire week.

It's really in the title. As I complete my 25th rotation around the sun, I've learned the recipe to life lmao.. and it's in the title.

Risk... you gotta risk everything to get and be everything. Faith. Courage. Trust. Vulnerability. Connection.

All risky. Also, all birthplaces of peace, joy, pleasure, glory. Important to note, risk has boundaries.... reckless and risky are not the same thing.

Rest... something our community, seems to struggle with. I won't point any fingers as to why or whom but... rest... we need it... our bodies are wired to rest, and you shouldn't feel guilty for resting. as a matter of fact, if you're being daring and brave by doing the aforementioned *risking it* then YOU MUST REST afterwards. Rest is where you receive. Risk is where you give.

And lastly, repeat. lmfao.... because like I said.. I cracked the code to life... well actually me, and I am life so... period... okay, back to these 3 grant applications because we're in the repeat stage so what is mama about to do? Put herself out there, and risk it.... and then starting Friday it's mamas birthday weekend and she took her week off so what she gone do? Rest. and then she gone what? say it with me? REPEAT.

I love you so much, and you deserve to risk and bet on yourself and you deserve to rest... recharge and then take a stab at it again.

Until next time,

With all of my love...

Mrs. Taylor

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