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rock steady baby. rock steady

hey sweet peas! Mama's in DC for 10 days total this week (currently on day 6) and I'm loving it. It's my third time in DC and first time for work and I'm enjoying the air. I enjoy the east-coast, specifically for work AND play, and this weekend mama's best friend in the whole world (hubby excluded because duh) is coming in this weekend, and my other bestie I'm currently staying with. SHOUTOUT TALIA SHOUTOUT RIELLE, RESPECTIVELY.

Anywho, that said... I was reading though prior journal entries today and came across some nuggets I wrote in Japan listening to this amazing podcast: The Potters House @ One Church LA. Im gonna share three of the nuggets. Do with them what you will, and comment your favorite nugget or one you have a different viewpoint on. Different doesn't mean deficit, just as to delay does not mean to deny :)

1. "don't let people define you by what God used to develop you." simply put, we care too much what others think about our very human experience.... don't, they're human. everyone could just show and share a little damn mercy

2. "the dream is easy *at least for some of us*, consistency takes time." continue to be faithful and fight the good fight my friends.

3. "the process of figuring out who you're not IS THE LONGEST SEASON OF YOUR LIFE. the process of shedding off what's not you.... things that you picked up generationally. it's normal for things to FEEL shaky, trust and know everything is happening properly, even when slowly... it is SURELY." this is my favorite nugget, and leads me to another point that I'm really incorporating into my life, starting with me and my self talk first.... BE MORE ENCOURAGING THAN CRITICAL.

I am encouraged that I am making progress even if at a different speed than anticipated, and I'd rather make true legitimate mental, spiritual, physical, and financial strides that aren't that huge, but adding up over time, than a big one that isn't strong enough to withstand the woes of life and the tests of time. I also am naturally an encourager, and this world can boggle us down and make us critics... unlearning that. Now, when I see people living beneath what's inside of them, I want to return to my innate instinct of inspiring courage within them, versus nitpicking at what's beneath them... and guess what? that's gonna take time too :)

So, all in all babes... rock steady... keep fightin.... fighting to become, rocking steady in this culture that says you need to be all of these things versus simply being you and that consisting of may things! you're worth it. we're worth it.

the reward of patience is more patience. the reward of consistency IS consistency. and that's alright with me.... abundance is a damn good thing.

until next time, with all of my love,

Mrs. Taylor :)

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