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Surround yourself with people who remind you you're worthy, that includes you

that's it. that's the blog post.

Nah forreal though, I had my best friend(s) pull me to the side and say: "You know you don't have to prove or explain shit to anybody, right?" And God is so funny, I'd heard that before but as she said it it was like a lightbulb went off in my mind and spirit. My friend(s) were saying to me: You're enough.

You don't have to make people see how gifted you are. You don't have to prove how kind and open-minded you are. You don't have to prove your worth and that you're a hardworker. You don't have to prove your love for God and self in anyway that doesn't suit you. My accomplishments are not what make me amazing. Simply being, does that. I'm unique. You are too. People will comment, like, dislike, hate, love, talk, never speak of, bash, praise, critique, never even listen or see things you or I do... so live by being in flow and cherishing each moment and trusting that the present one will bring what needs to be in your life. I'm a strategist, and I'm really smart and I'm really talented, and I'm really empathetic, and I'm really vulnerable, and I'm really pretty and I'm really cool, and I'm really silly, and I'm really flawed and I'm really quiet, and I'm really expressive, and I'm really holy and I'm really real... I've mastered attempting to be in control of it all and really think through how each small thing I do effects the world and my being... BUT IM RELEASING CONTROL!

For the next 4 months my mantra is: RELAX, You're really enough... and that's all encompassing. That accounts for the good feelings and the bad. The highs and the lows. I'm always putting pieces and thoughts and things together and now, I'm challenging myself to return to my youngest self, by simply being curious and quick to trust and flow and have faith.

So when you see me, know I ain't worried. I've had an epiphany and I'm not going back. I'll leave you with two things, my 4am scribbles that will probs become my daily reading and a scripture my mommy sent me that sums it all up:

1. I am worthy, yes I am.

I was worthy, always been.

I am imperfect yes I am

I am worthy yes I am

I am in flow, yes I am

I am faith, yes I am

I believe in me, yes I can

I am worthy, YES. I. AM.

2. "Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things."- Philip 4:8

Believe in yourself, bet on you, and once push your chips in, sit back and enjoy the game. You may lose a hand, that doesn't mean you've lost the game. See yourself. Love yourself.. and RELAX, and flow, hell... say NO! In the words of my mother: Amen and Ase!

PS for my millennials in their 20s my mama also said: "You don't have to live your entire life before 30" so again, RELAX!

With all of my love,

Mrs. Taylor

i love you.

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