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Today I Woke Up In My Power

Yeah you read it right, today I woke up in my power. I heard that mercury is in retrograde, and I know that every one prepares for the worst and the feelings of angst that oftentimes accompany the unknown, but me baby? See, I woke up in my power.

I woke up so full, today. Literally, I mean full of passion, hope, priority, purpose, and confidence. I woke up in a place that I knew existed but have in the past had to dig to find, only now all I must do is simply awaken.

My life, my confidence, my trust, my purpose, the seed of my life, me.. I, am not only growing and changing but I am FLOURISHING. Can we say GLORY? Can we say MAGNIFICENCE? I mean the Munching Millennial, ME– is set to feed TWO HUNDRED PEOPLE in Pilsen tomorrow. ME! We're are 2 person company, with one rotating tap in person, contingent upon the day. Tevin is tomorrow's tap in, as he'll be assisting me with load-in and serving. But I have all the supplies, all of the everything I need to serve tomorrow..... to attend to the needs of my fellow brothers and sisters in the body of Christ... in the microcosm that is the world.... I get to minister.... Simply for the joy. Not for the praise.... and frankly, not even for MY Glory, OH BUT BEHOLD IT IS BEING REVEALED IN ME.

Wow. I mean I'm also in the running for something huge in the city that I can't even name yet, and I feel it in my bones that it is mine. I trust it. I've struggled with trust my entire life until now, and this year I decided to let go of the things holding my trust back from myself and re-shape and re-wire the narrative. Wow, living from a place of trust is so fucking different, and so fucking cool, and also, if not very intentional and practice heavy– hard asf.

Two weeks ago, two days ago I did not know how I was going to feed all of these people. I simply trusted that God led me to not only this call, but this company and organization to fill (attend to) this need. So I planned accordingly, the meal, the supplies, and hubby recognized and offered to call off and help–without my asking.

I don't exactly know how I'm going to keep everything as hot as possible, but I have a strategy and a heart of love that may reheat everything within 10 minutes if I have to because I'm so excited to feed these people.

Lastly, as it pertains to this situation I been trusting myself. WITH THIS COMPANY. That the Munching Millennial is meant to be global and be a tool of service to eradicate world hunger, and help people remember the joy in not only cooking and eating but in serving! I mean I trust, that this little one woman show, 2 woman crew, and 4 person support system (shout out new money) will grow into the production team necessary to meet a new need, a bigger need, the need of nations and generations. And honestly, with all this trust I've gained and been exploring I've let go of factoring in possible damages, losses and experiences that aren't in favor of me winning.. Because I think, talk, walk and act differently now. My language is different now.

Today I woke up in my power, and I knew without a shadow of a doubt that I am a winner. And I always win. What a relief, I've worked, prayed, meditated so hard for this moment and the funny thing is, the only thing for my to activate, acknowledge, and claim it was my decision to receive it and live it. looking forward to many more days of claiming my power, standing it, and ministering through the gifts God has given me. After all, my name literally means Gift From God, of the Lord.

Amen and Ase. We'll be hitting you about our next community outreach next month baby! Woot woot!

Until Next time,

With all of my love – wake up, receive your power, pray without ceasing...

Jasmin Taylor, the Munching Millennial

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