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white people, this is where it better.

As I sit and write this 30,000 feet in the air with a screaming white child two rows ahead of me, whose scream and tantrum is instinctively on cue…. I can’t help but think… this is when it starts for you…

This is when the world starts bending to your needs, your will, your voice, your action, your self-control, your discipline and frankly lack thereof… and supports the white mother who is ACTIONABLY refusing to teach you those things right now. Yes, children will be children… but also… WHITE PEOPLE WILL BE WHITE PEOPLE. This is when it begins…

This is when it begins… where you learn that your tantrum, your pleasure, your voice, your instant gratification, your worth is that of more than all of those around you combined… it is when you learn that the needs of 139 other passengers do not surpass or even equal your need to get your way exactly when and how you want it… and who aids you on this journey… little white one in row 31? Every white flight attendant and Your white mother. Who by no means makes any apologies to or for you, and not in the sector of motherhood because God knows that job is literal trial and error… So save it, because this is not an attack on anything other than bullshit, not motherhood or children. no…

No the apology is not for the blood sweat sacrifice and tears that go into the indescribable, incomparable feat that is motherhood… no the apology is for allowing your little one to believe their voice matters more…. That HIS WHITE voice… his literal scream that is supposed to be used in times of actual distress, fight or flight… or in support of a real cause.. can sound the alarm at any time, at the expense of any one.. including you, white mother…. again… this is when it starts…

I see interactions like this and legitimately wonder how people are confused that white men and white women are some of the most violent and selfish people on the planet and that isn’t an opinion, it’s a statical fact that I’ll run down at a later date, but for now– get on google.… how could one be so confused when I am literally subjected to, and witnessing exactly how they are conditioned to not only be this way, but silently praised and loudly never corrected in the process.

I see interactions like this and legitimately wonder, how does it feel to act insane and no one believe it is so? How does it feel to be able to project the worst version of yourself for your own pleasure seeking or desire and to not die for it? Or be reprimanded? How does it feel to know that you will be safe even when you are unsafe to be in the presence of? How does it feel to consistently be affirmed that you are better and deserve to misbehave? How does it feel to not know when one is even misbehaving? How does it feel to have your character not be a quandary when you actionably do not care about the well being of others? How does it feel to know that even when you are loud, mischievous, and calculated that you will not be met with violence or reprimand? To know that you will be safe, always, even when you are a danger to us all? How does it feel for your questionable parenting decisions *in regards to the relationship of wellbeing to your child and others in* are never questioned? How does it feel…. To be white?

This is how the white supremacy starts and is taught… right here.. on planes… where your 5 year old, clearly intelligible, capable son, continues to manipulate you into allowing 180 minutes of travel to be his shit show for the entire plane.. this is how White men come to policing bodies. This is how white gay men and white women come to play the oppression olympics. This is how you can have a white gay male boss that tells you he sees the racism in the work place but thinks it’s better for YOU to resign. This is how White men come to mansplain. This is how white women, vote for Trump, overwhelmingly more on round two. This is how White women keep their feminism to only include other white women that protect the little white boys and rules they make. This is how white men don’t understand consent. This is how white women got Emmett Till bath the shit out of and came forward on her deathbed that she was fucking lying. This is how white male murderers get bought Burger King after shooting up a holy place. This is how white men and women don’t care to spell your name correctly… or call you sassy when you’re intelligent… or are surprised when you act with class and composure…. This is how…. This is how.. this is when… it starts…On Tuesdays, at 6PM on planes…

Black people are not allowed this luxury. The luxury of insanity being met with kindness.. hell we can’t even let our real mistakes and errors be met with kindness and grace… I’m sure if I had an ACTUAL baby that was this loud and off the chain, they would’ve asked me off of the plane at the damn tarmac… but Johnny two seats up isn’t getting shit said to his mom or pops why? Because he’s white…. And these are the moments where our children and adults are learning and affirming what? Racism, sexism, and prejudice…. His sister of the same age didn’t make a peep the entire plane ride, directly next him…. It’s sad… amongst other things, it puts a bad taste in my mouth.….. I’m a firm believer of and consistently working to assume that people are trying and doing their best; and white people… it’s time for you to fucking do better. Period.

With all of my love, until next time–

Mrs. Taylor

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