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Working Working Working Working, Aintcha?

Woo! Mama's working. She's writing, she's sangin, she's dancing, she's loving, she's launching I mean woo!

I have seven days before I'm in a remote location, literally.. like no wifi, literally remote. I'm so in need and so excited.. but I must finish the things I've started and must complete before that time.

I've said many times that my word for the month of May is confidence..Godfidence, if you will... and I'm acting and moving like it.. I mean I really am launching something huge that you all will find out about next week, I'm applying to things that I know I'm innately qualified for, and I'm depending on God to support the leaps of faith He's placed on my path. I'm so charged... I have so many ideas and I'm finally at a place in my journey where my belief in my worthiness is non-negotiable, and nothing is too big or grand or great for me... so I'm taking my ideas to the finish line... that's what my bestie told me.. I'm going all the way. I'm executing. I'm doing it nervous, excited, a little exhausted, completely galvanized, curious and expectant and it is just all... so... wow. I just take time to be grateful and present through it all, because mama's in flow, and my dreams are happening and coming true and... it's deep lol. All of this on top of me picking up a small part time gig at a dance studio for some extra dollars as I wait on all of the paperwork for the big dollars to clear! *YOU HEAR THAT? THE BIG DOLLARS ARE GETTING CLEAARRREDDD*

I'm working up until take off, and I mean that literally. It's becoming time to get a personal assistant, which I will be on the hunt for when I return... but I mean my plane literally takes off at 6AM and my last scheduled task is at 5AM that morning. Jesus. But this is the life, I literally prayed for.. I'm in the midst of an answered prayer right now, and I must keep reminding myself of that and being grateful, because it is my fuel for this new, next level.

I'm so excited to share with you all everything I've been working on and what God has given me to put into the earth.. what I've been chosen to do.. you'll start finding out piece by piece next week.. until then, slow and steady wins the race, and don't forget you set your own pace. I'm taking my ideas, and myself to the finish line.. God's grace and mercy are it... that's it.. that's how I'm getting there... not even in my own strength, and I'm so okay with that because that was the way it was designed, and who am I to not fit the mold of human.

Remembering to rest consistently with this new creative energy I have.. this new energy to re-emerge but as mySELF not as the version of me that I thought was best or most acceptable that wasn't really me at all. Remembering I operate best.. we all do... from a place of rest. Finding island–like/remote moments in my home.. in my huge ass backyard.. on my trips down LSD... finding quiet and pure solace in my 6am morning bath, in my improvisation sessions in my home, in my choreography session, my songwriting session..finding pure pleasure in curling up with my current favorite read... making time to lose myself in the love-making with my husband... remembering... Jasmin.. you operate best from a place of we continue to open back up and regenerate a sense of safety and normalcy... remain you... and take your ideas all the way... take you all the way.. keep betting on you.. keep BEING you.

Well my dears, it's time for me to hit the next task... i'll give you a hint.. something is coming next Tuesday... and every Tuesday after... okay.. that's enough for now.

With all of my love,

Until next time...

Mrs. Taylor

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