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you betta!

it's Wednesday, we finna write it.

Y'all the times are hard as fuck but right now I wanna focus on a: 'you betta!!' moment.

Y'all-- I complete my 200 hour teacher in less than three weeks. My birthday season is on the way. I'm healthy. Our building is completely empty and we are ready to renovate and move in some new tenants. The weather has finally broke into summer mode in Chicago, and me and all my loved ones straight. Me and my husband know how to healthily resolve conflict, and approach issues as team-- what a fucking feat.

Also, I just received word about two new commissions, that I'm...wait for it.... not at liberty to discuss lmao.

So-- before I get into all the words, and get super existential and deep, or yadda yadda yadda-- I just wanted to remind y'all it's still " YOU BETTA!!!" moments happening in the world even with all the sticky, evil shit going on in the world.

Waiting on some money fr fr so I can go BRAZY on the books. WE MADE IT TO JUNE. I'm reading three books this month. So excited.

Anywho-- I'm wishing you some 'you betta!' moments, and I hope you when you have em you take the time to flex on and congratulate yourself.

Stay up, homies.

With all of my love, until next time...

Mrs. Jasmin Dominique Taylor

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