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A bath a day keeps away dismay...

Hiya babes!

Mama didn't check in last week because hubby turned 25 and I had to plan the best quarantine birthday party the city's ever seen so blogging ended up on the chopping block, boo!

With that said, here's today's topic: BATHS!!

Since I've returned from Israel, where I only had a shower, I've taken a bath every single day and I plan to live this way forever and always. I've always been a bath girl, but the daily hustle bustle of life, showers became my daily dose of clean. Now, don't get me wrong, a shower can change your day! But a bath baby? A bath can change your week! Often times I hear people complaining about baths and all of these reasons they don't take them, here are a few bath tips from me to get the most out of your bath-time by making it genuine you time and a piece of your day that you get to cherish and look forward too, without all the hoopla of it needing to be "fancy" :)

1. Baths do not have to be for a minimum of 45 minutes. Oftentimes people are like I don't have time for a bath. From water run to dip and douse all the way to stepping out, your bath can take 15 minutes. Your submergence isn't any less worthy because it was done quickly. Life lesson here, we're always looking for relaxation or pleasure to either be extremely luxurious in time or a single/series of fleeting moments. There's a happy medium. Soak for 30 minutes, 45, hell sometimes I do 90. And some mornings the point is to simply wash my ass- but in a sedentary position where I can just take a deep breath without exerting any physical energy while doing so :)

2. Baths do not have to be a specific temperature. I always knew this, but my experience at a bathhouse in Japan completely shifted my perspective on bath temperature and time. If you like cooler water, you're allowed to sit in it. If you like warm water, be my guest. If you're a hot girl like myself and Meg Thee Stallion, then turn it up!!! My point is, don't let anyone dictate to you what your bath temp is! *quick note If you have a tub that don't get piping hot on the water tip, boil some of your water on the stove and then pour it in, works EVERY time* In many different cultures, baths are different temperatures for different things. Sometimes for soaking and relaxation of the muscles, sometimes for swelling and inflammation, sometimes for aroma... regardless run it at your temp. No need to be sweating in a bath when you know you like your shit FAKE hot!

3. This brings me to my next point. TAKE WATER WITH YOU INTO YOUR BATH! Doesn't matter the temperature, staying hydrated during a time where you're sweating and your body is losing and also sitting in water is crucial. No need to stand up light headed cuz you tryna get your zen on babes.

4. Bubbles, salts, oils, candles, bath bombs and tunes are all amazing additions to bath time. keep in mind they are additions, not necessities. If all you have is water and a tub, you're good to go baby. Make sure it's adding to your vibe, but also remember sometimes the vibe is simply sitting and resting and recharging... thinking... sleeping.. whatever you wanna do in your bath. I personally am a bubble and salt girl, every bath :)

5. Baths are for any time of day. You don't only have to take a bath at the end of a really long or hard day or week. You can take a bath to get your day started, after a workout, or simply just because!

6. Change your mindset about baths. Lots of people say they feel they're sitting in baths in their own dirt. Keep in mind, baths don't always have to be to get clean, you can already be clean and want or need a bath. Also, keep in mind once that soap is in there and activated the dirt argument doesn't hold up so well- sorry not sorry!

Okay! Those are my tips from your favorite bath girl. Honorary mention, more men need to take baths. You all deserve to sit and smell and feel good and take a load off, needing a break is not just a feminine need playas! My bath time is a portion of the day where I get to say, if nothing else gets done just because I love it and want it today, this bath will. I made time for myself. My thoughts. Whether its for an extra few minutes of sleep, time for prayer, time to create and play with choreography, time to get inspired by the birds chirping outside of my bathroom window, or time so simply get clean in the tub and come out like Mrs Clean, its MY TIME to protect and discern my energy

PS- I can't wait until I get a tub that can cover my boobs and my knees at the same time!!!

I encourage more of you to take this time while you have it during quarantine. You ain't got nowhere to be, nothing to pressing to do, take some time on you and sit in some water, and let the world either fade away or come into focus for you. A bath a day, keeps away dismay.

That's all mama has for today, take yourself less seriously in what you cant do or aren't into, and take seriously the opportunity to explore.

With all of my love, happy bathing babes,

Mrs. Taylor

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