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March Madness, Soften to the Pressure

hello lovers, long time no talk! I haven't written since before the calendar new year yet alone the astrological one that has just begun!!! With that said, Happy 2020 and Happy Aries Season babes :)

Much has gone and is going down, and I'm finding there's much to be said. With that said (lol) we'll take it one topic, breath, day, article, prayer, and post, at a time.

That said let's get into this March Madness:

As you know, I was set to be in Israel until the 25th of June, however March 14th I found myself getting into the passenger of my husbands car after many many kisses might I add :)

The entire first week of March the Coronavirus started to seem a bit more serious than I had considered before. They'd been updating us within the program I was attending to make sure we were up to speed on latest developments in Israel. Eerily, I felt things were about to take a turn for what's perceivably the worst globally, so after much prayer, chats with my parents and family, and most importantly my husband, I decided March 13th I had to get home. Four days later the entire program sent all remaining participants to their home countries.

Now that you're up to speed on me being back in America, as you know we are quarantined! As is everywhere else in the world. As of today husbae and I are on day ten. woot woot! Keep on keeping on inside warriors, we're doing our part by staying in, even if it doesn't feel we're a part of the fight ;)

Now that my life has taken this big change, I'm excited... you wanna know why? I learned much in the six weeks I was in Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company's Dance Journey Program, and I'm grateful for each lesson and day. Furthermore, Israel is gorgeous, and although I didn't get to see all that I wanted to see, Tevin and I plan to journey back, we have much life ahead! Next? I'm still dancing, and I gained some things during that time, related to my dance, my song, my body, my gifts. Confidence, Commitment, Connection... Courage... they're all wedged in nicely and I'm excited.

Now, I'm channelling my energy towards all of my creative pursuits because I have the time in this quarantine. I'm throwing everything I got at it all because it's time for execution, and I know I'm great and have beautiful, great ideas. Choreography, Modeling, Dancing, Singing, Songwriting, Public Speaking, etc... Im hitting it. This is the perfect time. This is the moment. And I refuse to miss it. There's so much pressure; a specific pressure that's on me, that's on us all... I listened to a message this morning by Sarah Jakes-Roberts entitled: Apply Pressure. She speaks about how pressure is designed to birth something, how God uses it pressure to pull something out you...

I felt that, and couldn't help but shift my perspective on my situation from "womp :( " to "woo!" and think "this is the moment I've been waiting for." A time full of pressure in the world, a time full of pressure within myself and my family, my marriage, my career, my age as I turn 25, just pressure where I'm required to birth something. For something to come out on the other side. For life to be manifest... etc etc insert your favorite line about the miracle that is birth... the point is: I'm going to birth something, it's time... I've been working and it's time to put it all into motion. I think we should all share this perspective. Woo! Time to dig in and make something. Woo! Time to actually sit still and get my mind right. Woo! Time to really learn how to do this passion or hobby I'm quite interested in. Woo! Time to finish the book. Woo! Time to work on communication with my hubby. Woo! Woo! Woo! *lol*

Sidenote: I'm not gonna birth a physical baby though... Tevin and I have chosen to wait :) lol, just checking in for the folks that are hopeful lol

Anyway, March is Mad. Corona's everywhere. We're all home. And then a lot of us aren't. And I really think we need to realize that more of us need to be home, and I hope the government realizes it needs to support that in full. Shout out to all essential workers, health care professionals, and all that have to work right now, we see you, thank you, loves you. We need to soften to each others needs and TO each other right now because we're the best shot we have at helping one another. It's that simple.

Being softer is something I was working on in my dance studies in Israel... I had a specific teacher Lea, working with me on the quality as I was selected to be in her piece. I can be soooo soft, but typically that's unknown if I'm not intentional about letting you know. It's for many reasons that we can go into on another day, but bringing my softness to the surface is something I'm committed to quite heavily right now. When you soften to things they flow. I have such a need or habit of tension sometimes, and that's good.... sometimes. And others, ya just gotta flow, and let go.

I'm working on softening. Softening to the pressure. Softening to changes. Softening to hardship. Softening to opportunity. Softening to love. Softening to rules. Softening to being obedient in my speech AND action. Softening to affection. Softening to suggestions. Softening to people's opinions and them being none of my business. Softening to various forms of communication. Softening to being wrong. Softening to forgiveness. Softening to grace. Softening to peace. Softening to difference. Softening to growth. Softening to mistakes. Softening to tight situations that I find myself in. Softening to winning.

Same energy, focus and intent that I have for my life. The drive and excitement I have for my life, same ambition. But during this time, let us all be softer. Our hearts, our minds, our jokes, our kisses, our prayers... soft, gentle and full.

That's all for today lovers. I encourage you to soften these days, it'll feel good... I promise.

See you next week, we're back baby..

With all of my love,

Mrs. Taylor

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