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open, says me

wow, a message I just received and it could not be more on time. Thankful for One Online and their ministry.. honestly here's the link to the message cuz you just need to watch it:

Otherwise, so many things hit home with this message. I'll share the gems that I had to write down as a means to take note, I had to listen to the prayer at the end twice, it blessed me.

  1. Popularity and Power are two different things.

  2. there are deaf and mute things that you are surrounded by that you are anointed to open.

  3. I am the evidence that makes God evident.

  4. Open, says me

Okay, I'll break each down and then I'll be on my way.

1. As you all may now know, I am one of the 2022 Art on theMART Artists', an honor that is accompanied by a $25,000 commission to make a new work for the platform. Congrats me. Literally. With this, I've been thinking a lot about the upcoming press releases, and using this new platform to promote and practice interdependence, vulnerability, truthfulness, and whole-hearted livin'. The thing is, if you're easily distracted (which all of us can be distracted, but by the grace of God it's not so easy for me anymore) you'll begin to confuse popularity with power. They aren't the same. I have so much power in this new position, power to share and show ideas, spark conversation and action, and equip patrons with tools to connect. I still, only have 300 instagram followers with about 50-60 peeps watching my story when I post one... If I'm not careful in this process, and more importantly, CLEAR on the distinction between these two things, I'll confuse and reject the position of true power I've manifested and been given. Not on my watch baby, not on my watch. Fuck my instagram, and social media platforms, my work, the evidence of God is about to be live for 30,000 people per business day... don't get it twisted Mrs. Taylor.

Okay, for number 2 you need a little teaching/biblical context. There's this story in Matthew about a certain man that is deaf and mute. Deaf and mute are the inability to receive (hear) and the inability to express (speak). He asks Jesus to heal him. Long story short, Jesus sets him a part from all those he's surrounded by, covers his ears and mouth, looks to -and aligns with- the power of Heaven and says "OPEN". Immediately the man can hear and no longer has a speech impediment.

The message is entitled: Open, says me– and Pastor Touré drives home that we, like Jesus are openers. We have to of course align with the power of Heaven, stand in it and be a conduit.. empty our ego, fear and doubts and let faith fill us... he said line number two: "you're surrounded by deaf and mute things that you're anointed to open"

WOW. How promising. How fulfilling. I feel like I'm around closed hearts, closed doors, and closed–minded thinkers, every single day. I think the music industry right now, is deaf and mute. I think the dance world, and the fake dichotomies of "urban and street dance" with "classical ballet and modern techniques" are deaf and mute. I think the issue of world-hunger and us as a race, the human race are deaf and mute to the solutions that are looking us sos starkly in the face.. the same could be said about the preservation of the Earth, and frankly many many other things... insert here what you feel you're surrounded by that is simply... closed. Now, imagine... and embody that you.. yes YOU... are anointed to open said thing.... here comes the title: Open, says ME. YES YOU. You have the connection and divine power to open hearts, industries, solutions, etc. What a humbling and empowering message, cuz I legit be feeling this.. like I'm powerful.. I just need to really tap in.. remembering the anointing on my life, helpful information. here's your reminder, thanks for mine PT!

Okay number 3, is straight forward and I want to continue to be this. I am the evidence that makes God evident. We're in a series rn with One Online and PT (Pastor Touré) is focused on the fact that God wants to be KNOWN. MADE EVIDENT TO HIS PEOPLE. Period, and how is that possible? Well, since the beautiful Mother Earth isn't convincing enough for some folk, God uses people. My life is textbook evidence that God is real. Y'all don't know the details, and honestly, there will come an appointed time where you learn some of them, however until that day, and frankly if it doesn't come– I am living proof, testimony that God is real and a miracle worker, promise keeper, light in the darkness... the list goes on and on. Super bonus for me that my name means Gift from God of the Lord, I personally, was literally crafted to be living testimony, and for my life to be that in full and reflection of that, constantly.. I know it's why I am a called and chosen to be a performance artist, with the great gifts of my kind, because I was designed in this way, at this time to be the performance art of God. Keep using me Lord, please.. and keep my life evidence of you, your Glory, your forgiveness, your pruning, your rebuke, your faithfulness, your mercy.. of you, the creator of all things... no more evidence of trauma or fear, imposter syndrome or doubt... those are not my birth right, and also no longer evident in my life. Focus, shifted.

4... with all of this– Open, says me. Open, Art on theMART, downtown and the city of Chicago. Open, music industry. Open, homeless and hungry of the world. Open, closed-hearted and low on love millennials. Open, dance industry. Open, trust. Open, faith. Open, love. OPEN.

With this, I am open. Open to love. Open to the fullness of my being. Open to the happiness. Open to the privilege that it is to live, to be here, and I mean REALLY be here. I am a 2022 Art on theMART commissioned Artist. Links Lab 2021 Participant. Lover and seeker of truth. Wife, sister, friend. Faithful minister. Loving soul.. and most importantly as my purpose takes shape? I'm an opener... and so are you. Get excited about those closed doors, hearts and opportunities.... cuz baby, they finna open... and only for you!

with all of my love, wishing you an open rest of your month, and an open holiday season as it approaches.. until next time,

Mrs. Jasmin Dominique Taylor

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