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rooting for my baby

Good morning saints and ain'ts. i love you. let's get started.

are you a friend you can keep? im spinning f.u.c.k. by victoria monet as i write this.... and i wanna know?

are you a good friend to yourself? do you comfort and console you when you're out of whack? do you practice boundaries and when a part of you is tweaking give it time to cool off? do you nourish your body with healthy food and enough clean water? do you forgive yourself and also hold yourself to doing better than you have? do you give yourself rest? do you feel safe in your own body? do you laugh at yourself, I mean truly belly laugh? do you cry and self-soothe? do you pray for yourself and wish your Self well? do you think about what you say to and about yourself before you do it? do you treat yourself? do you dress in a way that makes you feel gassed? do you look in the mirror and smile or wink at yourself? do you sometimes make funny noise aloud or jump around or make up silly words?

I mean the list, per usual, goes on and on. I've had to show up this past couple of weeks for my friends in ways that require me to relinquish control over anything thats not specifically ME and hold space for uncertainty with faith over fear, courage over comfort and connection.

i'm passing the tests with flying colors. I'm a friend you can keep. a friend you can count on. a friend that is family.... ohana *shout out lilo and stitch*

It's caused me to reflect and wonder, are you this good to yourself Jasmin? and although, it takes a bit more work, maybe a few more tears, and another donut than usual when I'm around others, but yes.... yes i am. and i am becoming even better and being and treating myself better.

Wishing you the same. Godspeed.

With all of my love, until next time....

Mrs. Taylor

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