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It's the last Wednesday in March, we writin!

Yo, I hope March has treated you well. I finished another book, started another, learned some new things, hit some more trauma head on, healed some more, got a rejection letter, ate good, did plenty more i'm not typing about, and now, I just submitted my application for my next endeavor.

that's what i wanna write about today, submitting. it's such a hard thing to do after you've been hurt, played, betrayed, rejected, etc. To bring yourself to that place where you're willing to stab at something again is difficult, but so necessary.

Submit as a verb means: subject to a particular process, treatment, or condition...

The response to that is so yikes when you've just done that and it didn't go your way. But friends, i've learned that sometimes what you want, don't want you and vice versa... and that there's always always a bigger picture.

So, although March has been a doozy, both good and bad, I hope you are choosing to see or trust the bigger picture of your life and submitting to whatever process, person, or experience necessary to help you grow. Finishing this app and pressing submit a day early was scary as hell considering A. I just got a rejection letter less than a week ago from something I KNOW i was qualified for. B. it was a whole ass submission fee lmao.

But, I did it. Because for Lent I gave up fear FIRST. and because I'm worth every shot and surrendering to the possibilities of life, especially because possibilities includes the positive. I deserve life in full, and that includes bliss. SO, upward and onward with the year... I'm excited for April, spring is here... we're really getting into the year, live it, don't let it pass you by because time waits for no man.

I'm happy you made it to the end of another month in global pandemic.

Keep on keeping on.

With all of my love,

Jasmin...Mrs. Taylor

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